I was inspired to write this poem from the many news stories I have seen and read about young people who have recklessly thrown their lives away by drinking and driving, or by driving with someone who is intoxicated.

We have all seen the scenario of parents attending the funerals of their children, yet the problem continues all over the United States. I do not wish to single out any certain age group, as drinking and driving and fatal accidents have been caused by many an adult. All age groups are affected. However, it disturbs me that, with graduation and prom season approaching, our nation's youth will be attending parties where alcohol is being served. I wrote this in hopes young people will realize they are not invincible and that bad things don't always happen to the other guy; because sometimes the other guy is them!

pipNote: Lisa's poem, previously posted here under her pen name Lia Fail, was subsequently picked up and published in "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff." We offer our congratulations to Lisa, and our appreciation to the publishers for their kind words about Passions in Poetry.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

The Final Act
Screeching tires, shattering glass,
twisting metal, fiberglass.
The scene is set it all goes black,
The curtain raised the final act.
Sirens raging in the night,
sounds of horror, gasps of fright.
Intense pain, the smell of blood
tearing eyes begin to flood.
They pull out our bodies one by one,
What is going on, we were only having fun!
One of my friends is missing, what did I do?
Her scattered belongings everywhere,
in the road there lies her shoe.
A man is leaning over me and looking in my eyes,
"What were you thinking, son"?
"Did you really think that you could drive?"
He pulled up the sheet still looking in my eyes,
"If you'd only called your Mom or Dad, you'd still be alive!"
I started to scream, I started to yell;
But no one could hear me, no one could tell.
They put me in an ambulance; they took me away.
The doctor at the hospital exclaimed, "DOA!"
My father's in shock, my mother in tears,
she collapses in grief, overcome by the fear.
They take me to this house and place me in this box.
I keep asking what is happening,
But I cant make it stop.
Everyone is crying, my family is so sad.
I wish someone would answer me,
I'm starting to get mad.
My mother leans over me and kisses me good-bye,
My father pulling her away, she is screaming, "WHY"?
They lower my body into a dirt grave,
It feels so very cold, I yell to be saved.
Then I see an angel; I begin to cry.
Can you tell me what is happening?
she replies "YOU DIED."
I can't be dead; I'm still so young!
I want to do so many things - like sing, and dance, and run.
What about college or graduation day?
what about a wedding? Please - I want to stay.
The angel looked upon me, and with a saddened voice,
"It didn't have to end like this; you knew you had a choice."
"I'm sorry it's too late now; time I can't turn back."
"Your life is finished; that, my son, is a fact!"
Why did this happen? I didn't want to die!
The angel, she embraced me and with her words she sighed,
"Son, this is the consequence you paid to drink and drive.
I wish you made a better choice, If you did you would be alive.
It doesn't matter if you beg me, or plead on bended knee, There is
nothing I can do, you have to come with me."
Looking down at my family, I said my last good-bye.
"I'm sorry I disappointed you, Dad.
Mommy, please don't cry,
I didn't mean to hurt you, or cause you any pain.
I'm sorry all you're left with is a grave that bears my name.
I'm sorry all your dreams for me have all been ripped away;
the plans for my future all gathered in a grave.
It was such a stupid thing I did, I wish I could take it back;
But the curtain is being lowered.


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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • kelly
    this poem is my fav, i read it to my mother and we cried for ever my mom died a year later from cancer rip mom and grandma
  • santwana
    My heart really felt like crying after reading this poem.
  • brandii
    im only 13 but this ment soo much to me! so many people are killed by careless drunk drivers! i cried when i read this. thanks 4 getting a message out.
  • Sofia
    That poem was. I don'tnow what to say. thats the best poem I have ever read. I loved it, it sent such a strong message to me. and it should do that to all who have read it.
  • Lucky
    i reallu loved it it hot!
  • pageanna
    I love this poem because four of my friends were killed in a car crash 2 years ago when they got into the car with a drunk driver it was really hard to get over and they are greatly missed and all of their friends want to be able to say their last goodbyes and tell them how we really feel about them!
  • Janis
    EXCELLENT*EXCELLENT-A true tear jerker!
  • Theresa
    This is such a touching poem, I have known way too many die in car accidents because they chose to drink and drive. This is an awesome poem.
  • jon
    This is one of the best poems i have ever read
  • Dhaval
  • Ceci
    this poem touched me in many ways. im a 13yr old gurl and have had many times where a friend would say "just try it" i kno im better than that and everytime i said no. it makes me think of how many teens just like me would throw everything away for just a cople minutes of fun while they drink. it hurts to kno how many ppl have died over the stupid choice of drinking and driving. and how a lot of ppl just dont care. that poem toughed me in ways i cant explain. it makes u think. something a lot of ppl forget to do sometimes
  • marlene
    lisa i think you have done a realy good job in this poem it is one of the best i have read in a long time you chould get full marks for this one.
  • Teresa
    I give this pome a top number that only an angel will know. I just lost a friend in a ddwreck and now in my back window I have me sticker that reads MMADD( mad mother against Drunk Drivers)
  • kaylah
    i dont no what to say its one hell of a god poem and yes its thebest i have seen i hope this gets around to all as young teenarers
  • Jessica
    i think that this poem is really good it almost made me cry and it sure did touch me. i am just like a lot of people i hate people that drink and drive and decide to take there live or even someone else's. i think you for getting your point to a lot of people and i hope they learn from this.
    I Wish all the High Schools would put poems up like this at their schools. Kids read things all the time, maybe one of them would remember it and remember not to Drink And Drive. I thought this poem was awesome. Keep up the good work.
  • cara
    great poem, I have had many ppl close to me die from tradgeys like this, my brother is 17 and he drinks and drives he thinks that he is lucky and this wont happen to him well i think that he is just lucky so far maybe when he reads this poem he will realize how lucky he is that this hasnt happened to him yet
  • kate
    i loved your poem, the way you put the words together makes it intresting. i my self write poems ive been trying to figure out how to post them up but i just dont know how. any way, i like how you took the persons point of veiw and let people know how it felt for the driver to die. most people don't think about that. its sorta scary to imagine what a dead person would think or evan if they can think. over all i just really loved your poem. your a great writter im looking forward to reading some more of your poems.
  • Jen
    This poem needs to be sent to the entire world and let the words out to help and keep other children or even adults from drinking and driving!Wow Lisa Teller has complete talent. This touched my heart and will touch all if you let it. It was my pleasure to have read something so wonderful.
  • alyssa
    Great job! i think the poem u did was like telling a story. I believe that every teen shouldn't drink and drive because they know that it is wrong. But, they decide to do it anyway. There is alot of news on t. v. everyday or in the newspaper that a teen or teenagers died in a car accident because of drinking and driving. In my opinion i think drinking and driving is ridiculous. But, anyways u did great.
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