I have struggled for the past 4 months with self-mutilation. Whenever I feel upset, I cut myself. This is a poem I have written about my own personal experience. Hopefully it can help someone out there.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

Confessions of a Cutter
Only tears
As I press the blade
Against my pale skin

The blood flows
From the wounds
Echoing my inner pain

As I feel the knife
Slicing into me
I only deserve pain

As I realize what I've done
I feel accomplishment
As I gaze at the marks upon my skin

People are horrified
Don't understand why
Neither do I

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  • terrance
    ya i like this poem i used to be a cutter and i haven't cut in 4 years now but i know where your coming from when you say you dont understand why i never did till i started helping people and realizing that life is to short and to bleed when it goes wrong isn't the answer.
  • krys
    this poem is great. i've been useing all my will-power that i have left to stop myself from cutting myself. my will-power is almost at an end. i just hope that when my will-power does end, there will be someone who will stop me from cutting myself. i've already started using my nails to cut little holes into my arms. i hope that there is someone out there that can help me be free again.
  • brea
    this has put all of my pain into a simple poem. it makes me realize im not the only one who mutates my wrist to feel safe. but it touches a persons true feelings.
  • marissa
    this really touched me. i am going to print this out and i am gonna post it in my journal. i am a cutter getting help. i dont understand why i do what i do. That is why i am on the internet tring to understand.
  • brian
    wow i really didnt think there was that many people out there who feel like me. ive been cutting myself for like a year now.
  • emely
    i do the same thing people think am crazy but i guess they will never understand
  • soccerchick3324
    i have been cutting since 2006 i have tried to stop but i cant i cut myself on the leg 2day. I recently spent nine months in a phyceatric hospital for cutting and suicide attempts. i wish you the best
  • Reba
    I really uderstand this. ive been a cutter for almost a year. I have been in hospital after hospital for sicidal attempts and cutting. I am honme now but i dont know how much longer i can hold up. I love ur poem I relate to it sooo much. I write poetry about my cutting and suicide too. To anyone else like me i hope you get threw this. It will hopefully pass over you or you can get help, like im trying to. I love u all
  • Xandra
    This poem hit the spot. I used to cut and know exactly how it is, the whole rush of it was watching the blood pour down my arm. I still feel the want to do it again but I refuse to get addicted again. Just know your not alone and thank you for your beautiful poem.
  • Tiffany
  • megan
    This is a very good poem I love the way they use their words. Hope to find a lot more like it I give it Two thumbs up
  • Hillary
    your poem spoke so much of how i feel in side. i loved it. keep up the good work!
  • Elizabeth
    i luv this poem cause like others i know how that feels :\
  • mickey
    this poem is very good. it moves me in cool ways.
    i like this poem its like some one has picked through my brain. -tamara
  • alice
    this poem is really deep and i respect tis peom becaue i have suffered from cutting myslef as well. its so sad but i dont hink when i do it. i give you a 10
  • april
    I Think that most self injury poems are great. I was a cutter myself i even got to the point of burning when i was under the influence and now i have that to look at for the rest of my life i hate it. loved the poem i could totally relate.
  • tiffany
    hey this is tiffany. im from alaska but i recently moved to kentucky last year. ever since we moved here i have been nothing but depressed and i have been cutting alot. for a while i wasnt. i fell in love with a guy named joseph,but we broke up cuz he called and sed either i quit smoking or its over. that was 2 dayz before our 5 month anniversary. since then i have been very depressed and i have tried killing myself. i cut almost deep enough,but then my brother levi stopped me. since then my frend josh checks my wrists every day to make sure i havent done it. it just gets so hard and i feel like no one cares.
  • Jamie
    I Really loved ur poem, I feel lyke i can relate 2 it, i cut but really dont understand why, people think its just a "emo" think, but its more than that, we have problems and thats how we deal i guess, im a "closet poet" so ur poem inspires me for my own poems, i know there is people out there who feels and thinks as i do.
  • Jessica H.
    *tear tear*this pome means alot case i cut to so i just want to say you aren't alone jessi
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