If only there could be some way that my Dad could be here - or that the day he died had never happened. But that is impossible, and it leaves me dealing with pain, Missing him so very much!

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Greatly Missed
A Fathers touch, A Daddy's kiss,
A grieving Daughter, You're greatly missed.

An empty house, An empty chair,
A fathers love, No longer there.

A broken heart, Tear filled eye,
Another soul to fill the sky.

Many memories in my mind,
Some I laugh, Some I cry.

The times we shared, The laughs we had,
Things I miss when I think of you Dad.

Realizing that's all I have to hold on too,
Only memories, Of what once was you.

Missing your laugh, I will never again hear.
That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.

No more smile on your face,
No more warmth of your embrace.

The last hug, The last kiss,
The last "goodbye" leaves me with one last wish...

To have you Dad, here today,
Never to leave your Daughter this way.

A Father's touch, A Daddy's kiss,
A grieving Daughter, YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED!

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  • marelyn
    i love this poem it really touched me. made me cry. i can relate to it.
  • sia
    i like this poem jst because is like that it says to me ,,, i lost a dad and really greatly missed him.
  • Julie
    My sister found this poem while searching for hours on the internet for a poem. She wanted a poem read at our father's funeral. She had printed out two options, GREATLY MISSED and another. As soon as I read GREATLY MISSED I knew that was the one she should choose. You see he has four daughters, and it was perfect because each of us felt that it was meant for only us. The way Amy Richards' words flowed on was amazing. I absolutely love this poem. Job well done, Amy Richards.
  • Lauren
    Wow i felt this poem in many ways. My dad is still alive but I. m a daddys girl all the way. I could never imagine losing him but if he were to pass i would write the same thing.
  • Kristen
    Beautiful! I lost both of my Parents 10 months apart in 2005. First my Mom in Jan from cancer and then my Dad in Nov, from a broken heart. Your poem really touched me. Thank you!
  • clare
    i lost my dad on christmas day 2006 and feel this poem totally sums up the way i feel about losing him. he suffered a stroke 2 days before hand and i honestly thought he would pull through from this as you never,ever imagine one of your parents will be gone one day. loved this poem and well done in summing up exactly what it feels like to lose someone so precious.
  • patricia
    What a wonderful poem. I`m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. You see,I lost my husband almost four years ago. We have three wonderful daughters. But,I lost one them almost a year ago. The girls were crazy about their Father. He was their role model.
  • Gouri
    I am so touched by this poem. I lost my dad a month ago and i miss him so so much. I really wish from the bottom of my heart that he would come back for us. We all love him so much that i am not ready to accept that he is not with us anymore. I want him and i miss him. Why doesnt God listen to our prayers and just send him back to me. We was my guide, my BEST friend. Life is not at all same without him.
  • Tessa
    I lost my daddy almost 3 months ago. Before he died our relationship wasnt so good and now he's gone i realize that I made a big mistake. Now Im never going to get to say what I needed too. This poem really touched me.
  • lynn
    this poem is exactly how i feel about my daddys death about 6 months ago
  • Amanda
    I would rate this poem a 10 out of 10. I write poetry myself and I couldn't even come close to making something this good. I lost my dad 3 years ago and this poem completly expresses what I was going through in my mind. Thank you Amy!
  • Liza
    This poem really touched me. I lost my dad a couple of days ago and I really miss.
  • Richelle
    I lost my father 1month and 1 day ago. Your poem described my feelings.
  • karen
    My dad died at 3am this morning,i feel so lost without him. Your poem is exactly how i feel,and how i can let everyone know at his funeral how much i miss him. Thankyou x x
  • punky
    i love that poem it makes me cry every time i read it and makes me happy that my dad is still alive even tho we dont get along i still dont no what id do if he died
  • marilyn v
    i too lost my dad. it will be 2years this september. your poem reminded me of my sister and myself.
  • katie
    i loved your poem. i loss my dad last night and i know how much you are hurting. i was a daddys girljust like i think you were. well thats for writing this poem i really love it it help me feel a little bit better. ox katie ox
  • gail
    you made me cry! i remembered my dad! he passed away! leaving his one and only daughter! its so painful! im miss him so much! its been a year but still i cant move on i cant still accept the fact that his not here anymore!
  • Doniqua
    That poem is a very good one and sweet one i havent lost my dad but my dad is my everything i dont know what i would do if i lost him and i respect you for sharing your story of losing your father with me and others
  • Bryan
    My Father-in-Law passed away 1 year ago. I have been trying to do my best by my wife. Sharing my experience of when I lost my Dad 17 years ago. I can say that I have been doing a pretty good job in helping her to deal with her loss. But your poem really put things into perspective for her. she felt like "finally there is someone out there who really understands what she is going through. This has been an really good bonding thing for us, as I sometimes do not understand what she is truly feeling. For she was definately closer to her dad than I was to mine. I hope that it is alright that Make a copy of your poem for my wife to read. It really did her a lot of good. I don't know how I can thank you.
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