This poem isn't written about one of my experiences but of one of my friends. She recently met a guy that she loved and he did nothing but lead her on! He deliberately built up her hopes and laughed as he watched them tumble down again when she found out he didn't like her.

I have nothing against guys, but I do have something against the heartless, gutless ones who are too chicken to say the truth and would rather watch someone else get hurt when the truth finally does come out.

Some people don't believe that teen love is really love, some don't even believe it is possible. But believe me, everyone knows when they have found the one that they love, and my friend really did love this guy! She did not brag on about him as an obsession, yet she did not forget about him and only think of him when he was near. She only spoke of him in ways that a lover is spoken of and everyone who heard her speak of him knew that, too.

So to anyone who reads this poem, guy or girl, think about it and ask yourself if you are hurting someone who doesn't deserve to be hurt. I know that my friend didn't deserve it and neither does anyone else.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Sent From Heaven's Sky
I thought you were my angel,
Sent from heaven's sky.
I thanked God for your presence,
But now I wonder why.
You took your bow and arrow,
And aimed it at my heart.
You let it rip right through my soul,
And left me torn apart.

I started to wonder what went wrong.
I love'd you without fail.
But above all else I figured out,
You're just a typical male.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • kristian
    this poem is true about most guys i loooooved it
  • candice
    this poem was realy good i thought it should of been loger its realt sweet thoe who ever wrote good job
  • codi
    i just wanted to say that not all guys are bad. not all guys want to get in their girlfriends pants. and i wanted to type on this because i was the only guy!;0)
  • JEN
    AMEN hunny AMEN! u start to think one is different and they are all the same. GREAT JOB
  • Justine
    I really love your poem it is really nice
  • tiffany
    I luv this poem! It expresses just how I feel about my past relationship with my ex. Every word goes perfect! Your a excellent writer so keep it up. ;)
  • Ariana
    nice poem gurlie! keep up da good work
  • mary
    i loved it because it reminds me of how me and my boyfriend used to be thanks
  • kealiela
    this poem is great i feel what your saying
  • kristina
    i know where you are coming from when you wrote this poem cause i've been there before but now i realize not all guys are the same, but most, but even though i've had my heart broking many times i think i've found mr. right
  • ashley
    that poem is so heart wariming it is so pretty see i write poems myself but this is the best that i have read sincerlay ashley
  • MaRLeNe
  • kacey
    i thought your poem was googd but not all guys are the same some are amamzing.
  • Trixie Ma Lou
    Honey the poem is really good and you are a good hearted person. But there are a few good men out there for us ladies. Just don't settle go for what you WANT.
  • Secoyah
    this poem is very undestandable and its very unique u would think u would say boy a man but u came out with gender is was good keep up the good work
  • Jessica
    i loved your poems i feel the same way you should write more poems
  • megan
    i like this poem it is very good !
  • holly
    hey this is a really good pome it remindes me of a kid named tony
  • Laura
    this is really true
  • Merrissa
    heyy i loved your poem it was the best poem i have ever seen. it is all ture too that funny
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