When Becky and I got into a fight, I got very upset. It just happened that the next day I was going to a church camp over the weekend with some of the teens in my Sunday school class.

Here I met another friend, Katie, who was having a different problem. We both connected with each other that weekend. She completely understood what was happening between Becky and I, and I completely understood what was going on Between her and Charlie.

We're best friends now, and we haven't said our mutual promise out loud. We don't need to.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

As you sit in silence,
Wondering why
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
Until your tears run dry.

When you've been hurt,
And can't believe what they've done
If you need someone to talk to
I'll be the one.

If a close friend hurts you,
And you don't understand
Remember I'm here,
I'll lend a helping hand.

Burdens are lighter when carried by two,
And I just want you to know
I'm here for you.

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  • Kristian
    I love the poem thats how i feel about my ex gurl andk everthing so i tahnk you for posting this on the computer
  • merissa
    it was great
  • Vaishnavi
    it an awesome poem.
  • ana
    This is a great poem. It describes what a friend should really be. Jessica Sills even though I really don't know who you are , you did an amazing job writing this poem.
  • Jenny
    This poem Really Touched Me. i have a friend who barely shows emotion and no matter how often i say that he can tell me he never does. i can tell he hurts emotionally and it makes me hurt too
  • heba
    this is the most wonderful poem I've ever heard,its so fabulas and fantastic and even great.
  • caRaH PauLiNe
    Ammm. Actually, I haven't got in this website. We just needed to search about friendship poems as our project in school. And among those all poems that I have read, this attracted me the most and it also gave me some ideas to be a better friend. So, I voted it!
  • Brittany
  • gizem
    this is one of the best poems that read in this site
  • Sophie
    This is a very touching poem and it means alot to me as I have many friends who I would feel like giving this to! I hope this poem will one day get published!
  • Ashia
    this poem almost made me cry it is REAL touching!
  • brittany
    i loved your pome it touched me i have a firend that is goign thow some stuff and this is the pome 4 us
  • Jessica
    This poem is so pretty, i love it! It makes me think that Jessica, you're a very nice person. :)
  • Amanda
    This poem touched me. it reminds me so much of how me and my best friend used to be. I couldnt help but shed a little tear as all of the memories came flooding back. Thanks to who wrote this poem.
  • stacy
    it is a really good poem i like it a lot
  • wajwaj
    i love it . it's cool
  • freta
    i love this poem i think it's the best poem for friendship
  • queenasia
    i love tis poem!very sweet remeinds me of me n my ex
  • Megan
    I needed a poem that told how much I would be there for her and this was it . It was truelly great.
  • suzan
    dats a really good poem der ! it touches every aspect of true friendship. fellow readers. if u want 2 test ur friendship , no need 2 do sumthin crazy jus compare it with d poem n u will get ur answer
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