I have always been a person who chose to write about my feelings rather than to discuss them.

Basically, I had been friends with this person for less than a year, but I knew that this was something different and something so much better than anything I have ever felt before. Before I knew it, I had fallen in love and now all I can do and think about is how lucky I truly am. I dedicate this to you - I hope you know that (you know who you are).

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

As Days Flew By
The very first time I saw you,
Was special how we met.
You took me by complete surprise.
I knew my heart was set.

As days flew by, we talked again,
But you never seemed to care.
I tried my best to help you out,
By a favor here, or a favor there.

Although I made a fast approach,
Our friendship grew and grew.
I realized how deep I cared,
But the feeling I felt was new.

In time I became attached to you.
From a hug, I wouldn't let go.
I soon saw how close we were,
And the feeling was good to know.

For you, I wrote sweet letters and songs.
You were on my mind all day.
The thought of sleeping was nowhere near,
Unless I knew you were okay.

It hit me then, what I was in -
A unique and precious love.
For the person I said was only mine,
Was an angel sent from above.

The minutes without you turned into days,
And the seconds with you flew fast.
I could only wish to see you more,
And make each moment last.

The times I spent with you,
Were what made my heart complete.
I knew one thing for sure,
Without you, my future was obsolete.

And now, we love just the same,
As it doubles day by day.
I stare deep into your precious eyes,
Yet I'm still speechless to what I should say.

With you, I'm in a whole new world.
You bring out the best in me.
It's hard to picture you not there,
When you taught me who to be.

Yes, the road ahead gets hard,
When things may only seem rough.
But because you and I try so much,
We'll stay strong and get by tough.

Though problems may lie ahead someday,
And either of us could be right;
I promise to always be by your side,
And I promise my heart, so hold it tight.

And so, each night, beside my bed,
When there's only bright stars to see;
I pray that we may never give up,
And will always remain you and me.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Tamyra
    I loved this poem so much because it's like the author captured the essence of being in love and loving a very special friend. I was very moved and hope to read more poems by this author.
  • Briana
    This is such a beautiful poem! Great Job.
  • charlie
    Peng, Your words are as a clanging bell that resound the very thoughts that I have for a very special person in my life. I need to be patient, until she also is in touch with her feelings. Thank-you for your words. I pray that you continue to be inspired to translate your feelings and thoughts into a medium that is understood.
  • Laura
    My word! This poem really touched me and made me realise a few tings as I have had a recent experience to this! The poet who wrote this has certainly got talent! Hope to see many more soon!
  • Tina
    perfect, wonderful, amazing summed up our love totally thank you x
  • dana
    wow. it really remembers me of my friend
  • Marie
    this poem really touched my heart because i feel the same way about my best guy friend he and i are so close and i do not want to lose him he mean so much to me and i love him with all my heart.
  • Albert
    i love it
  • nilda
    I love this poem it has touched me. It reminds me of my friendship with a close friend.
  • Elizabeth
    As I read this poem, I completly broke down into tears. I have already read it a few times, and I feel like I wrote this poem. I feel this exact way about a guy I have not even known for a year. As soon as I met him I knew he was the one. We are now best friends, and I want to be more then that, only I don't think he wants to be more then friends. I would do anything for him, anything at all. I only wish he knew how much he truely means to me. I really felt this poem was very emotional for me, because I feel as though it relates to what I am going through now.
  • Jessica
    This poems was very touching because you see I fell like that about my friend but he does not know yet. it did bring a tear to my eye it was very good.
  • lina
    i really like it its nice it reminded me allot of things i luv it
  • Travis
    This poem is great. Kind off relates to me. Keep it up
  • toy
    IT was awesome. I felt everything that The author was saying. IM going thru the same situation at THIs moment!
  • melissa
    this poems says everything i feel and want to say. Way to go, keep up the go work
  • Dawn
    When I read this poem I had one person in mind and it totally describes my feelings about him. thank you soooo much for sharing this poem with me and the rest of us that have people in our lives that mean more than just friends.
  • Den
  • pranita
    I can understand that what ever you penned down here was straight from your heart. It reflects many such hearts in this world. Its truly amazing.
  • amanda
    this poem really touched me i love that u wrote this now i can share it with others about a great poem!
  • Ramatulai
    A touching poem that reminds me how i truely love my husband because i can find my true feelings in that poem.
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