I wrote this about a dear friend whose life was stolen from her in the midst of her youth. Although grief is an emotion that we often feel we will never recover from, there is truth and a reason for everything. One day, our tears will wash away the sorrow, but time will never wash away our dear memories. For even death has no control over the boundaries of love.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

No More Tears To Cry
a year and a half
since that cold day in January
yet I still remember it like it was yesterday
(I guess to me it always will be )

rain poured down as if it desperately needed to rid itself of all moisture
as if the clouds felt that they had to ring out all the water that night

that very night
or else the world would come to a drastic end

to me that "end" seemed to come anyway

the streets were pools of water
cars spinning out of control
she never had a chance to grow up

she was merely fifteen

too young to experience life on her own
yet too old to have it spoon-fed to her

she wanted to be independent
a rebel
she wanted to say that she had done it without her parents ever knowing
but they found out

2:00 AM
knock on the door
"I'm sorry ma'am"
was the first words out of his mouth
"your daughter was killed tonight in a car accident"
the world came to a halting stop and yet the room still managed to
continue to spin

"you don't know what you are talking about"
"my baby . . . my baby, she's upstairs sleeping"

frantically she ran up the stairs
she was gone
no where to be found

its over

she was identified

it was really her

a best friend to so many . . . her life stolen away

I heard the next day

full of disbelief I acted as if I never heard the words

"lies . . . our school is so full of lies . . . its only a nasty rumor, you know how
that is"
was my reply to the news that soon became a reality to me shortly after

I saw her

lying . . . still
no movement
although I could have sworn that at any moment she was just going to rise
up out of the baby blue bed that she rested in and bring peace to a room
full of grief

it didn't even look like her

it wasn't her

too long I glared at her
questions running through my mind like a freight train at a speed to fast
to comprehend

"God, she was just a child. How could a life so young, be stolen so
quickly? "

no reply

I got infuriated with Him
she was a good kid
just made a few bad choices
I never thought they were severe enough to be punishable by death

the next day
as I witnessed the casket that held the breathless
body of my dear friend
be lowered into the earth

tears poured down my cheeks like rain out of heaven

it was so cold that day
I could feel the salty droplets dry hard on my

fifteen degrees

I wondered for so long about the life of my friend
I pondered this question so many times

why shall the innocent die, while the murderers run free?

how come she never got to fulfill the "perfect"
plan that we are all promised?

it has taken me this year and a half to understand the loss of my friend
it has taken me this long to realize that her
plan was played out

it is all summed up in this one word that often brings shutters to the
bones of so many


her death was a lesson to all that she left behind life is fragile
there is no way that we can control who lives and dies
all we can do is have faith that we will get through it

good and bad are obvious and sometimes not so obvious

right and wrong choices can determine life or death

so it's time for us to wake up
mourn no more
for time will heal our broken hearts

and one day
there will be no more tears to cry

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • chrystill
    i love it. i got tears in my eyes
  • jennie
    i feel for you. my dad died and i am looking for a poem of my father passing, but i am not alone, i realize people do have the same emotions. i am glad you expressed yours, and i think i will be writing mine. good luck. the sun still shines as the moon still rises.
  • briana
    Your poem touched me in many ways it opened my eyes so i con see. After the death of my friend MaeJean Cummings 2 days ago i learned that we all dont need to take life forgranted. Thank You, Briana Hickman
  • hannah
    this was a very good poem as well there is so much emotion in it, it is really good i think you should become a regular poet it is very very good keep up the good work
  • Brittany
    um. wow! Im 15 and i got into a really bad car accident on the first of December. I ended up breaking my neck in three different places. we were messing around on a gravel road and rolled the car about 50 yards into a field. I was very lucky that night to have lived. I had to have had someone watching over me because i am still walking and am almost a normal kid again! I might end up not getting all my movement back though. But thank you this poem really made me happy that i am alive.
  • veronica
    man dis poem really touched me dis same excact thing happened to ma baby brother he was 16 in a car accident with his best friend they hit a tree. they both died. they had snuck out the house. it was in january too of 06 around hte same time!
  • Richard
    WOW That was sooooo beutefull i allmost cryed and the lesson was perfect just have fath god has a plan for all of us its not relly deth just reborn in to gods peresnts and out of this world of pane and suffering she's in a better place in gods house
  • liz
    As a new SIDS mom, it touched me.
  • mary
  • kiki
    omg, i love this poem this reminds me of what happended to me and my friend. thank you for the best poem of my life.
  • Tina
    it t0uch my heart when iie read on it . it simply jus describingg of h0w iim feeling right now . LOVED IT
  • Danielle
    I really liked that poem it touched me because just recently I knew two people that were hit by a train and they were 13 and 14 and this poem I can relate to.
  • Lisa
  • hdwheql
  • rebecca
    Ilove this poem my friend just pasted away on the weekend and i miss him so much i can not get over it every boby is in bits over it he was a very good friend you could ask him any thing and he would help you i just miss him so much and he is jut gone 3 days what am i going to do your poem is very good you no your friend is looking over you she is still with you and she is still your best friend
  • pilar ann
    your such a great friend
  • mary
    i liked this poem but theres one thing wrong, there will always be tears to cry, maybe not as much, but there will always be tears to come from your eyes
  • Sian
    When i lost someone i felt all the feelings described here this is a real heart toucher! well doen!
  • Jazmin
    My cousin passed away a year ago Her name BIANCA GONZALEZ she died the same way as your friend did in the poem
  • joel
    This poem is very unique as it uses the pain of death to teach a life long lesson. Very Good work.
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