When you lose what is most precious, when you don't know what to do, when you don't know what to say - but you still know how you feel.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Poems about Lost Friends

My Best Friend
Once was here
now is gone
I will always
love forever
the laughs
the tears
the smiles
without her
my life has no direction
no ups nor downs
no smiles or frowns
I miss her
I cry
I see her
I lie
what ever went wrong
I can mend
I will always
love forever
my very best friend

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  • cady
    i had lost 2 friends and i told them that i was sorry but they still dont want to forgive me. they told me that they will never forgive me for what i had done to them. i mean yeah what i did to them was wrong and i will never forgive myself for what i did to them but i have changed but they just cant see that and it hurts loosing someone that close. i cant believe i hurt my friends like that i mean come on i am ashamed for what i have dont to them. and this poem almost brought me to tears when i read it because everytime someone or something brings up friends i get numb and think about what i had dont to them.
  • Tahir
    Its so near to reality. The feelings and emotions one goes through when some one looses some body real special. You just put my feelings in your words.
  • lilie
    Helllo i liked this one coz again it just makes me think of a good best friend i used to love but now we just look @ each other and see a dark shadow and it makes me cry to think about the good times me and sophie my best friend that we had x
  • Hevinnah
    Oh! GoD! I really love the poem it was fantatic n surpurb! I hope u all enjoy it guyzzzzzz!
  • sandra
    that poem is beultiful
    It was ery amazing and you know how it feelse
  • Brianna
    i really liked this poem. it helped me tell someone sumthing. so Thanks
  • alanah
    that poem is so true and i love it
  • Nadia
    I love this poem becuse i lost my very own Best friend. that day was a very sad day for me.
  • Kate
    This poem really is good, its really sad because i just had a big fight with my best friend and it looks like we are probably never will be bestfriends so im so depressed
  • elly
    i thought this poem was really simple yet described exactly how i felt. I was best friends with some one for 10 years and she suddenly moved away to live some where else. I couldnt believe that it was happening to me because these things never really happen to me, always some body else. thanks for writing this poem, youve obviously gone through a similar thing.
  • Alyssa
    this poem i was very inspired by. my bestfriend hasn't died. there was just a lot of drama going on. i lost all of my friends in about 2 weeks. he was the only who stood by me until yesterday everything got blown well out of porportion. i deffinally think this poem is wonderful and i love it. it touched every place in my heart that is left.
  • Veronioca
    That was the best friendship poem that i have ever read nice job and that is the same way tthat i feel with one of my closest friend. So keep your hesd up and make me some more friendship poems. You R0ck!
  • Raven
    It was wonderful and sad. I really liked it. Write more please.
  • shanik
  • clarissa
    I Love this poem because everyone goes through this about their friends
  • bea
    i really love this poem it reminds me of my bestfriend
  • holli
    i like at at good
  • dave
    this poem like explains my life right now. it is beautiful. Thank you so much.
  • lisa
    this poem makes me think about my best friend mia and eder
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