There are so many things I would like to say to him, but when I try to tell him, nothing seems to come out of my mouth. So this is how I express my feelings.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

I Still Miss You
This yearning in my heart
This confusion in my mind
The words left unspoken
Haunts me all the time

Everyday I watch pass by
With an emptiness in my life
And a hole in my heart
Where only you belong

There are nights I wake up crying
And wishing you were here
To hold me in your arms
And kiss away my tears

There is something that keeps me holding on -
What I'll never know
But one day things will go my way
And I'll have you in my arms

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Ashley
    Wow. That is really good. But sad though. And as much as I wish I didn't know how you feel. I do. And it sucks.
  • michelle
    i love this poem its exactly how i feel you wrote all the right words
  • marcie
    Angela your poem touched me and even made me cry while i was reading your poem i was thinking about my boyfriend wer broke up like 2 weeks ago and i cant seem to let him go and yor poem just boosted my spirts thanks and keep up the great work
  • tabby
  • Leslie
    I love this poem it mach with the situation that I'm going trought right now.
  • amberly
    this lk really really really tru. i lk fell in love wit it. i miss my babi sammy so much.
  • debbie
    very good . i cryed thank you
  • ntebaleng
    this poem is so touchy and it made me realise that even someone say you don't stand a chance don't give up on your dreams. And dear thank you.
  • JOSE
  • Gigi
    Thsnks for this nice and warm poem.
  • Robin
    very nice
  • lauren
    I like this poems because I had a best friend very close to me pass away almost 2 years in a car wreck, and everyday I still cry for him to come back
  • RUTH
    it is the situation im facing at the moment
  • jennifer
    i really like your poem. thank you for sharing that made me feel a little bit better then my broken heart still but you do write some really good poetry.
  • Rebecca
    That was very nice i would like to hear more of your. It touched my heart.
  • michael
    This is a very good poem i love it1! maybe i can get her back one of these days,But hopefully very soon! i love her so freakin much it just hurts to know a year and three months just can get thrown away so quickly!
  • kimberlie
    i like the poem its self i can fell wat you felt when i read it because of the way the words are written
  • evan
    Great job :) I liked it . so simple but moving my feeling . Thanx for sharing your feeling
  • Deanna
    i love it keep it u
  • bob
    It really inspired me!
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