Many people have trouble telling that special someone exactly how they feel. This poem was basically written to do just that.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

I Love You
My knees start to weaken
At the first sight of your face
My heart starts to melt
At the thought of your embrace

Your love flows through me
Like a river flows down its path
Your kiss lifts me up so high
I could probably fall to my death

I really wish that
When I looked into your eyes I could see
Exactly how it is that
You feel about me

I get nervous when you're around me
I feel I could cry when you're away
I dream about you
Every night and day

I want you to know
My last three words will always remain true
Regardless of what I may say or do
You'll always know that
I love you.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • wilber
    i love this poem. it touch me alot cause its romantic and express how much u love ur girl
  • Micki
    that was a very true poem about anyone because I know I feel like that right now with my boyfriend.
  • ALEX
    i love this poem it really does describe all the things that happen when i see him and i do feel like i am goin to cry when he is away and i am glad someone finally wrote a pome describing my feelings for soemone thanks u shoudl cnotinue to write poems like are very good and it seems to me u are a natural
  • diamond
    I Love this peom its sad but the truth.
  • Ashley
    i love this poem its exactly how i feel about my boyfriend i love him always and forever this is the best poem i've seen all night
  • Antoniette
    Hey! i jus wanted 2 say dat i loved yo poem b cuz i do have sum one n my life dat i love so much. He is my evathang n i would do anythang 4 him n it seems like yo poem jus told it all!
  • Tiffany
    I really did like this poem and it was soooooo sweet! I luved it! The writer of this poem is a good writer. well I guess I will let ya go!
  • Midauti
    I Luv This Poem
  • kate
    im in love
  • Holly
    I like this peom B/c it rimeds my of me and my boy frinda
  • Heather
    I love your poam that is how I feel for my man I love him with all my heart and soul and i will always.
  • shawn
    just wanted to say its a great poem and is soo true to atleast how love is for me.
  • Lauren
    I love this poem cause it say everything that i feel for my boyfriend right now.
  • AFIA
  • yanalie
    I have got tot say this poem is magnificent that not only it describes how i feel about my relationship wit my boyfriend but that other teenagers like all of you can understand
  • tonya
    i love that poem cuz wen ur wit some body u love and u dont know if they love u 2
  • hOpe
    i love this poem cuz it's exactly how i feel about my boyfriend. ausome!
  • Samantha
    this poem really touched me and i hope it touches other like it did me
  • Crystal
    your poem was awesme it made me feel really god and it toughed me i would love t rea more of your poems
  • Ashley
    My name is Ashley and i would like to thank this poet for creating this wonderful peace of art. I am in a relationship and i have trouble saying i love him and expressing my feelings and now I've read this poem its given me an idea of what to say.
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