This poem was written after I received an email from my boyfriend (we live in different states) that he was going to be out of town for the weekend and that he loved me.

Well, the night before I had a dream about him and when I wrote him back I included this poem to let him know that I always thought of him no matter when it was and that I will always love him.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

I was thinking of us last night
And the times we shared
How good we were
But now we are apart
Yet we still have our
For in our Dreams we are together
Holding hands on the beach
Talking all night under the silver moon
Kissing and holding each other tight
For no matter the distance
Or the obstacle I will always belong to you
For we are meant for each other
not only in reality, but also in our

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Damionelle
    This is a really nice poem.
  • T
    i liked ut poam it surts me and my b/f rt down to a T. it is how we feel about eachother. so i would like to say thx alot.
  • Claire
    I liked this peoem alot
  • crystal
  • Jennyliz
    It was beautiful.
  • kaitilyn
    I love this poem it is like me and my boyfriend thats so good keep up the good wook
  • michael
    this poem completely describes me and my girlfriend to the fullest extent and it was a shock to me that i found a poem like this that i even emailed the site to my girlfriend to show her exactly what i was talking about. i love this poem and to the writer, u have an amazing mind.
  • Cristal
    I luv this poem it so nice
  • brettany
    it fits my life to a T. my boyfriend and my dad don't get along and he and i are banned from seeing each other. i love this poem!
  • LeLa.
    my boyfriend and i live in diffrent states to which is REALLY hard && i know exactly how you feel. this poem says it all. i sent it to my boyfriend. just wanted to say this is the poem that best fits me.
  • Morgan
    I really like this poem! It makes me think of my ex boyfried that I was with for about 4 years. If he could only read it I would love to know know what was going through his head. Everything thing remionds me of him.
  • baby doll
    i sooo sad i jus when my boyfriend got locked up i feel lost without him
  • caitlin
    I think that this is a really good poem and it remind me of me and my ex.
  • Hayley
    this i s a real nice poem i really loved it and you did a good job with it
  • vanilla
    such a great poem! it reminds me of my boyfriend and i. i live in australia and he lives in south africa. its hard, bt we believe tht if its meant to be, we'll work through it. sooo relevent for my situation! absolutely love this poem!
  • deberha
    this pome helped me and my boyfriend alot thank you
  • gabby
    Wow this is a great poem. It fits me perfectly right now, because of the situation im in with my boyfriend. I think is one of the best poems i've ever read since it was really thought out and it has alot of feeling.
  • floyd
    this is a great poem i love it because dreams are what we need to have in life.
  • fadhila
    i like this poems. it really touched my heart. it show about our DREAMS. after reading this poem, i then wanted to made my DREAMS alive as always. i really thank this writer for showing this poems.
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