This poem is about my friend. He is one of my best friends and I have fallen In love with him. I have this huge crush on him and I don't know how to tell him. Maybe one day I will get enough guts to give this poem to him. Maybe one day I will find out if he feels the same way.

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My Crush
I have these feelings, deep inside
feelings that I have to hide
I don't know if he feels that way too
And I don't know what to do
When we're together, I feel uptight
When he's around I feel so right
I dream about what we can do
And all the things we can pursue
I yearn just to feel his touch
And when he leaves, I miss him so much
I want to feel his lips against mine
And feel our bodies intertwine
So for now I'll love him from afar
One day I'll express how special you are
So until then I will retain this rush
And until then I'll contain my crush.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Kenaeshaie
    I love this poem because I like this boy at school and I don't know if he likes me. He is SOOOO FINE!
  • Lisa
    I thought this was a pretty sweet poem.
  • mariel
    its great.
  • Monica
    This relates to me the most. I love it!
  • Chelsae
    I love it. They're not forcing the rhyme and it flows freely. I like it and I can relate to it a lot. -Chelsae
  • Mari
    I'm in the excat situation. I always see him from afar too afriad to think what to say to him but hopefully this next new school year I'll find the courage to talk to him.
  • samantha
    i love this poem. and i will tell how i feel about my crush v soon.
  • fredrick
    I like this one cuz i know how it is to have a crush 2
  • sam
    I really like this poem, it relates to me alot. i hope i can tell the guy i like how i feel.
  • ashley
    i really enjoyed reading this poems that is the same way i feel about my crush i be trying to get him to stop playing game with me i guess i got to just wait
  • quincy
    it made me cry this is so the way i feel
  • cristal
    this poem really showed my feelings about a boy that i have a crush on. each and every word of it. i always tryed to write that down but i never new how i could put it in words! i loved it and thanks for sharing that with me! love alway bellahoney
    i L0V3 THiS P03M!iT S0 R3LAT3'z T0 M3!iM G0NNA PUT iT 0N MY MYSPAC3!K33P UP TH3 G00D W0RK
  • Cindy
    This poem is awesome it really touched my heart. I will send it to my crush!
  • Lashante
    I really like this poem it was so much tight u know like something i can relate to
  • Jazmin
    I love This Poem! I Can Really Relate To It!
  • araceli
    WOW! Dats how i feel dis is da 2nd poem dat really understands who i am wow !
  • shana
    i really like this poem it explains exactly what i feel about this guy i really like and have been friends with i just cant bring myself to telling him cuz we are such good friends and i dont want to jepordize that. it was a great poem and i hope that within the next 12 months i can tell him before i run out of time and we move on to our seperate paths of life. if i dont say something i will always be asking myself what if? why? maybe? but ne ways it was very good and touching. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!
  • Crystal
    this poem is so touching this how i feel about a boy but he is just my crush i dont want to be his girl i just want to be his crush
  • mariela
    hey this poems is really good i love it but can you write a poem about people heart broken
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