Love at first site is one thing - but being in love with someone who already has a girlfriend? This poem, my first one, is about my experience with this specific type of love-triangle. You can never ease the pain of being in love with someone who does not love you back. I, unfortunately, learned the hard way.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Me, Not Her
I'm not sure if you know or not
But I really do love you a lot.
You still hold a special place in my heart
And you did, right from the start.

But when she came along and took your breath away,
I was devastated and didn't know what to say.
I spend my nights crying, time after time,
I spent my days lying, saying I was fine.

Little did you know, my heart was crushed inside,
And on that day, a little of me died.
But with her, you look so in love
'Cause you are an angel from above.

I now have to teach my heart to move on,
For, you are now forever gone.
But about one thing I am unsure:
Why it can't be me, and not her.

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  • Jordan
    i love this poem! i am going through something just like it! with a guy im in love with! i really enjoyed this i cant wait for you to write more! XOXO~ GREAT JOB!
  • Mackenzie
    i love this poem, im currently dating this guy, but also like this other guy who told me he was in love with me, but i think he got tired of waitting and is know dating someone else, and i want him so bad, but dont want to break my bfs heart, this helped me, and im gonna tell everyone how i feel, like a quote i heard, trying to please everyone, will only lead to a disaster.
  • Johnny
    very nice it touched me, even though she wrote about a guy, i can still relate, very good
  • daniella
    i think this poem is a really nice one
  • lilshawty_27
    i so know you wrote this poem about me i love it i just lost the love of my life because he wanted a younger girl but what eve grate poem i give it a ten
  • Kydedra
    i love this poem it described excaltly how i felt when i broke up with my 1st boyfriend
  • princess
    the best
  • amanda
    this is one of my favorites. i go through this with this one boy and its devastating.
  • jesscia
  • crystal
    i luv this poem is the best it really touched me . n its actually what i've been going through
  • TATA
    well this happen 2 me i really love this boy bt he has a gf and he really loves me bt i dont now cuz he always says he dose bt im not sure i dont now what 2 do help me plz
  • anne
    i really like your poem it touches my heart so . move on is not easy to do but you need to try in order for you to let go .
  • hANNAh
    I loved this poem. It fits me perfectly. Me and my best friend are going through the same thing. I absoulutely like this guy (almost even love him) and he knows. The only problem is he is like in love with another one of my best friends. Well he used to be anyways. and he says hes over her but i dont think he is. And it is so painful. Because it makes me feel like im not good enough for him. And it makes me compare myself to other girls. And i hate that! Thanks for sharing this poem.
  • Katy
    WELL. at the moment i am going through the same suffering. but it is about a guy whom which i thought i loved. we dated ,and then he got to meet my bestfriend. he left me for her.
  • rhiannah
    I LOVED THIS POEM WITH EVERYTHING! I feel the same way but today that guy said he liked me!:):) thanks
  • Samantha
    wow its awesome! i printed and gave it to my crush and a week later he dumped that evil witch and asked me out.
  • ana
    I think this poems is nice and has a big message that u could understand very easily.
  • Heather
    I love this poems because it reminded me of me and my ex boyfriend
  • 3m!LY
    Dang girl. it's like i feel u 4 real! Right now this is happening to me. but the girl. is my. BFF and i didn't noe how to handle it and my other friends don't noe what to tell me. And i had i feeling i was going to have to just drop him completely. lk i won't b able to even talk to him as a friend or i will just love him even more, so thanx now i NOE that I HAVE TO.
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