This poem was written in dedication to my brother who was tragically killed in an accident while on vacation with his girlfriend in Antigua. I was proud to read it at his Memorial Service on May 14, 1999. Sadly he was only 33 years old and will be deeply missed by many.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Goodbye, My Brother
My brother Greg an awesome guy,
I don't know why you had to die.
You were so cute as a little boy,
You smiled at us and brought us joy.

Even though we had our little fights,
Over silly things like phone lines and wiring lights,
I never wanted to be a pest,
I needed your skills, cause you're the best.

I'm glad those times, were only a few,
It was hard for me to argue with you,
But that's just me, as you are you,
And in the end you always came through.

This is Lanesville where you are from,
We all are here with Deb and Mom,
Our hearts are broken, as you know,
We really can't bear to let you go.

Sometimes you were so crazy and loony,
Especially with the friends who call you "Cooney",
I know that everyone here will agree with me,
That the Lanesville Crew is the best there could ever be.

We wish so much that you were here,
Or just down "The Cove" havin' a beer.
It's happy thoughts that will get us through,
Like all the fun we shared with you.

And now my poem will come to an end,
Until the day we meet again,
I pray that you are now at peace.
Goodbye Greg With Love From Lis

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  • Tara
    This poem really touched me it was as if you were speaking from my heart. i lost my brother in a car accident a year ago he was only 25.
  • Shaydra
    This poem touched me in so many ways i lost a brother and i know how it feels to loose that one person in your life me and my brother were so cloose and now that he is gone i dont know what to do i miss waking up and him being there and when i need some one to talk to he was there and know i feel so alone with out him. all i can say is keep your head up you will be with him someday. love shaydra
  • cassandra
    your poem is so sweet im really sorry to hear that about your brother, my brother is locked up and i miss him very much i couldnt even imagine that happening to my brother. he is my best friend that i could wish for. he's in a better place know hes watching over you as these days go by he just might be your gardian angel. well i really loved your poem i write poetry to well thanks for letting me read your poem bye.
  • katie
    this poem touched me soo much because im 13 and my 17 year old brother died when i was 11 in an car accident we were so close i talked to him he talk to me and this poem is such a great way to show that you really loved him
  • Anastasia
    It was really touching and showed personal times. congratulations and I'm sorry for your loss
  • Gabriela
    Dear Lisa: I thank you very much for such a thoughtful poem, it relates to me, well my brother was killed three days ago. And I believe that only your poem reflects what I feel. thank you
  • claire
    what a touching poem i lost my brother-in-law 2 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident but he was like a brother to me u have done your brother well thoughts are with you.
  • Gladys
    Lisa, I was looking for poems about losing a brother and I saw yours. It was from your heart. I just lost my brother 10 days ago and I miss him very much even though I know he is in a better place and I will see him someday. God bless you and your family and give you peace.
  • refilwe
    Lisa that is a very touchy and lovely poem, reminded me of the day we had burry my brother too. nice one gal and hope u doing ok.
  • maria joan
    i like your poem. i hope that you can send me a poem about a person named Khareem. God blessed and more powers.
  • landa
    My brother is a pain but if my brother was gone and went to my dearest God in heaven I would cry and love to read that as a speach that is true what lisa wrote her brother is like mine and I love him very much.
  • becky
    i love the poem
  • leah
    ur poem made me think of my close friend who was like a brother he died in 2005 in a car accident and was only 15 the world doesnt feel the same with out him, the light doesnt shine as bright now that he will neva walk into the room. but by reading ur poem i remembered all the good times i had with him thankyou for such a good poem and i hope u will always remember the good times with ur brother and never let them leave u like the air u breathe out
  • maria
    i also lost my mom and dad last year i am stillm heart broken ,my heart gose out to you . much love maria
    i really think this poem nice because it touches my the tip of my heart everytime i read it. keep it up
  • natasha
    i liked this poem because it came deeply from ur heart and 2 me, i would've read it probably just over & over again. It was such a great poem,and that u wrote one, just for him!
  • Nicole
    I really like your poem. I lost my brother on December 10, 2006. He was drunk driving and fliped into a creek and couldn't get out. Luckily the passangers got out and survived. But like I said it was a great poem and had alot of meaning in it.
  • roanne
    my brother was killed by his friend in 93 and me and my brother never got alone but i love my brother and right today i be sad because of the time we never had together i miss him so much!
  • charlene
    I just loved your poem.
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