This is a poem I wrote after my best friend, (now my boyfriend) told me he loved me for the first time. We both understood that "love" is a strong word and we rarely used it because at that time we weren't together yet so we didn't want to say anything we were unsure of.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Don't tell me you love me if you are not sincere
For a lie that strong can ruin my life and bring on a new fear.
Fear to be loved, fear to love ever again
It can cause my fragile heart to break, tear and bend.
Think of all in life that will be missed
because of one small broken promise
So, when I put all of my trust deep within you
Please don't tell me you love me, unless you truly do.

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  • badgurl22
    i really like that small poem it was a good think u speak out ur mind. well peace out!
  • ashley
    I really felt this poem, the word love gets thrown around so much these days. Its a word that should be cherished and just be thrown around
  • morgan
    Hello, iam morgan iam 13 years old. I write lots my self I just really love it, but I really like this poem i hope to get older an rite as good as u and other people can well its good. byebye
  • gardenia
    this is the best love peom. i love this one
  • amanda
    this is always what i am dieing to tell this boy that if u tell me u love me then it better be the truth because after i say i love u that means i am sacifises myself for love so this is in my words what i want to tell him. it was a awesome poem in words.
  • Valentina
    this poem is amazing. i love it, i am even sendin it 2 my boyfriend right now
  • izzy
    i liked this peome cuz it is so true you dont want him to say I LOVE YOU unless he means it. cuz then u dont really know if you want him to be in your life well i loved it dats wut it is
  • Mary
    Oh wow. this is really good. It definitly touches me. somehting quite like that has just happend to me. so I think it's VERY good!
  • sherry
    This poem remembered me of my frist boyfriend. i love it its asome.
    this is a great poem it touched me and keep making poems dat inspire us!
  • Ashleigh
    I think that this poem is so true because my Ex boyfriend told me he loved me now he hates me . The sad thing is i still lovev him.
  • kristi
    that poem is totally awesome. i know exactly how it feels to be told youre loved by someone and they totally didnt mean it. it hurts and scars for a life time it seems and it takes forever to heal from the pain. love can be used to heal or destroy and a lot of times we cant tell whats going to happen until the final results occur
  • Laura
    WOW i really LOVE this poem i personally would have changed a few words to fit my situation but LOVE is truly so strong of an emotion that it has many different meanings. GREAT POEN
  • Azucena
    i really liked it
  • Afrika
    it was good and i can really relate to it.
  • shannon
    i really like ur poem that is a very nice poem
  • Chantale
    This poem is amazing! It relates so much to what a lot of teenage girls go through it really emphasizes the difference between love and lust! This poem sends out a positive message that I'm loving right now! Kudos to you for writing this! :)
  • tashoni
    i really like this poem becuz its kinda tha same way that i feel. i write poems 2 but ive neva read one so beautiful 2 me!
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