This poem describes the terrible sense of loss I felt when the man I loved walked out of my life. It takes you through a journey which describes how joy turned to pain and loss. This was the last time I wrote to him, before I finally had to accept that I should let go, it was a farewell.

This poem is dedicated to the memory of my sister, who never grew old enough to experience this kind of pain.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Crazy Holding On
Once there was a man who had an orange shirt.
Once there was a girl who went out dancing in a skirt.
Once there was a park they found they fed the frantic ducks.
Once there was a couple, happy, who couldn't believe their luck.

Once they went out dancing, and a candled dinner date.
Once early in the morning she surrendered to her fate.
Once he said "I love you" and she had to love him too.
Once they had a future, happy when one and one made two.

Now they are both lonely, now they live alone.
Now he has a cold and empty (tidy) hollow home.
Now she has a fountain, tears where once there was a heart.
Now he has decided that they really have to part.

Now that he has nothing, he feels he is complete.
Now that she can't dance again, her heart weighs down her feet.
Now he thinks about her, all the memories locked away.
Now he tries so hard to forget the happy laughing days.

Is she thinking of him still? Does she cry still, now and then?
Is she ever going to win back the man she loves again?
Is he glad it's over? Can he get on with his life?
Is he really so very certain she would have made a useless wife?

Given all the laughter, fun and sunny times they had.
Given all the heartache, lies and times he made her mad.
Given all the tears now, the loneliness and pain.
Given all the risks, would she do it all again?

Can he really say that he won't want her back one day?
Can he really like his life now better in this way?
Can he forget her face, the mess, the giggles and the love?
Can he find someone else to love him more than she could love?

If she really loved him, he said she'd let him go.
If he understood her feelings then he would know that it's not so.
If he were less stubborn, if she could care much less.
If they had never spoken there wouldn't be this sorry mess.

But time has taken prisoners, their lives are now entwined.
But even if they never meet again, the past is not left behind.
But can she start all over? Just forget him and move on?
But even if she can, will he be glad with what he's won?

Is that really what he wants, to never see her smiling face again?
Will it make him happy, will he live on without pain?
Will he be thinking of her, is he too proud to cry?
Will it wrench his heart in two if he sees her kiss another guy?

And can she forgive his faults, and accept him as he is.
She wants to have him back and say there's nothing to forgive.
He's told her that she's crazy, that he may never want her back.
She's told him that she loves him and though its a risk, she'll live with that.

She wants him to live with patience, to give him time to heal.
The past is not yet over and it's left a scar so real.
We don't choose who we can love, and love doesn't really die.
You can find it in your heart again, I love you, so please try.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Amy
    This poem says the things my heart is feeling but I couldn't find the words to say myself. Thank you.
  • michelle
    your the best at writing keep on they really mean a lot when they come from the heart hope ever thing works out for you been there .
  • amanda
    oh my god i totally felt the same way about one of my ex boyfriends he played me for a fool and i feel for it i hope you get thourgh it it was tough for me but you can pull thourgh it just belive some eles is waiting for you to come sweep them of there feet
  • john
    thank you
  • Victoria
    this is my love life's story written by someone else. :) it brought me to tears. i love this poem. 10!
  • Elka
    I love this poem. I am just going through a rough time and i can totally relate to that. I am so the girl in that poem. and the guy is is just like my ex. However, I feel like my feelings have been expressed. Thanks again. That was wonderful!
  • Arlene
    it made me cry a lot as i'm feeling the same thing as in your poem . i wished i could send it to him but i don't know if he'd care at all. thank you for sharing this . it really meant a lot to me.
  • rachel
    love it!just amazing
  • Daon
    this poem is truely beautiful. i loved it. it brought tears to my eyes.
  • Deepti
    How true.
  • Sierra
    BEST POEM EVER! I am crying my eyes out
  • Esther
    i really love this poem, it all makes sence. This is some real poem. I really do love it. CONGRATS!
  • Angelique
    i luved this poem it reminded me of some 1 i know
  • alexis
    o. m. g this is so real i love it alot more than a fat boi loves cake! ( 4realz) its really good it remindes me well actually makes me wonder if my ex the love of my life fells like thad can he really b happy ! i donno and i dont think so but who nos we werent willing to break up but i had to move we were together 4 8 months but i still talk to him and i really do love him still! well n-ways good job! keep on writting!
  • tracy
    this poem says everything I couldnt when he left, beautifully written straight from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope things work out for you
  • Vicki
    You don't know how much this poems means to me. My husband and I just got a divorce about 2 months ago and this is word for word how I feel. It was a divorce that wasn't thought through. I would like to thank you for writing this poem. You said what I had in my mind but couldn't get it out.
  • casey
    Uh god. right before i read that, i told my best friend, who i am inlove with, that i hated him. and i feel horrible, but he is such a bad personl and i know i need to get out of it. so, even though it was horrible, i had to do it. so i read this poem, and it just made me feel sad. but thats good. and it helped me cry, and i needed a good cry. and this poem is beautiful, and realistic, and i thought some of the things you said. that was a good poem, thanks it just kind of helped a little bit.
  • chantal
    i love this poem its exactly what i needed to say thanks for your help and inspiration
  • lena
    i like this 1 its a real touching poem!
  • Fern
    well what can i say? i'm lost for words to describe the beauty of this peom, great poem!
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