This poem describes the feelings inside of me once I found I was diagnosed as a "depressed" person. These aren't even close to all of the thoughts that goes through your head.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

Am I Alone?
I get a funny feeling,
it comes from deep inside.
I get all mad and angry,
wanting to go and hide.

My doctor calls it depression,
my dad says it's just me.
But the thoughts and feelings,
no one will ever be able to see.

Some say I'm psycho,
some say I'm just weird.
It's like I'm a different person,
and the old me just disappeared.

I get really edgy,
I want to commit suicide real bad.
Then I get a headache,
followed by feeling sad.

I wish I could get help,
I wish it would go away.
Maybe if I keep praying real hard,
it will some day.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Anon
    Thanks for this - I googles "I am alone" because I am; there are people, family around me but I am alone.
  • nana
    i feel the same way
  • Collette
    you definitely are not alone! I was diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and maybe schizo-effective. Anyhow i just wanted you to know that i can relate to your poem 100% and feel like i don't really belong anywhere in this world because i'm different. i really appreciate your poem it reminds me to practice what i preach and gives me strength and inspiration to put my own words out there, so that i too can inspire others to do the same, and recieve positive feedback, thanks for making my day a little brighter! my name is collette from Eugene, Oregon
  • charlotte
    wow ur poem was amazin im 16 n suffer frm depression myself it runs in my family my mum understands because its her side of the family with depression n yes my dad thinks its all in my head just like u said in the poem . when i read ur poem it was like it was me speakin its edsactly how i feel its like you read my mind . well great poem it realy touched my heart keep your chin up and carry on writing great poems x charlotte x
  • ralph
    I vote for Megan Hance's poem "Am I Alone. "
  • terri
    This poem is great i can`t belive people feel like this it made me relize what a great life i have that means i will no longer take it for grantted also reading all the other peoples comments was like a poem in its selfxx
  • mario
    very nice work feel like that most the time except for the praying part since im not religious at all
  • teo
    I feel the same everyday
  • jade
    hi this is a gr8 poem it reminded me of me iv been down that road 3 tym with depression that is gr8 xXx
  • Meghan
    I like the poem. It made a lot of sense to me.
  • Emily
    that really sound alot how i feel and i really like it alot.
  • Jodi
    I think this should be voted as number one. I have depression n let me tell you it sucks real bad. i once felt the same way once in my life.
  • DArian
    this poem is me too your not alone
  • kitty
    it felt like. me
  • rayvon
    wow thats really great i really feel you thats the same i feel
  • Cate
    I like this poem even though it is very sad. you can really understand how people suffering from depression feel.
  • Chloe
    I thought that this poem really does show what people or kids are feeling when they are suffering from depression, if kids parents read this and they had a depressed kid it could help them understand a little better, mums and dads do think that it's just kids being them but it's not it can become such a serious problem. this poem is really something and i love it!
  • cheyenne
    i like the poem it touched my heart i started to cry but this is a wonderful poem
  • lucinda
    this poem is da bomb.
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