The first time my boyfriend kissed me was so magical, so this poem is about the magic of a first kiss.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

First Kiss
You leaned over and you kissed me
I felt my knees go weak
You leaned over and you kissed me
I couldn't even speak
You leaned over and you kissed me
With a passion flowing free
You leaned over and you kissed me
Sparks flew that we could see
You leaned over and you kissed me
A touch so soft and tender
You leaned over and you kissed me
A kiss I would remember
You leaned over and you kissed me
I'm sure I kissed you back
You leaned over and you kissed me
With the fire no kiss should lack
You leaned over and you kissed me
You left me wanting more
You leaned over and you kissed me
My soul you did explore
You leaned over and you kissed me
My heart no longer full of pain
You leaned over and you kissed me
Darling, kiss me once again

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • sassy
    i love it
  • krystal
    i love this poem i think it explains everything on how a person would feel once they get their first true kiss
  • misha
    that is a great ppoem iam only 15 but on the othere hand so are you right? well the point is that is a great poem
  • Martika
    This poem reminds me of me when i first kissed ym boyfriend
  • HaLi
    I just had my first kiss yesterday and it hapend so fast i practically forgot what happend i remeber his face his smile and then lips on mine butafter that i went blank wierd eh? anyways total 10 on the poem
  • araceli
    ur so lucky b-cuz wen u got yo 1st kiss it wuz sweet but my first kiss wuz kinda SCARY!oh ur so lucky & if u dnt understand SCARY jst look ^ SCARY!
  • Ashley`
    I loved this poem! It really touched! It reminded me of the first time i kissed the love of my life! That first kiss was so very beautiful to me! I really love it! It's grrrrreat!
  • Lakan
  • Giselle
    This poem really touched me! I liked it alot!
  • Ashley
    why I was reading this poem my boyfriend popped in my head I remember the first time he kissed me I thouht I would die man I get shivers just thinking about it. It was the kind of kiss you see in a movie you know where you see fireworks and everything heck I still see fireworks when he kisses me!
  • ashiana
    oh this poem so the exact way i felt when i got my first kiss. you can really express your feeling so naturally. keep up the the excellent work!
  • crisis
    soo nice ur poem
  • Cristal
    I think this is the best poem I've ever heard.
  • brittany
    This poem was awesome!
  • Broken-angel-wingz
    oh wow. this is soooo good! :D how you descibe that 'certain feeling' was so soft and so lovely i couldn't help but wrench at my heart! a great way to remind you how the first time felt. thank you so much for writing this.
  • jen
  • brittany
    WOW. this is one of the best first kiss poems i have read in a really long time. i love it. its the sweetest thing!
  • cortney
    i have someone who is the love of my dreams and we dont have a relationship but i love her and i believe the first kiss will be the kiss i will never have to forget
  • saruh
    that was exactly how my first kiss felt.
  • Claudia
    This poem is so pretty. it reminds me of a special kiss i once had when i was dating this great guy. the author of this poem must really like this guy!
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