This poem I wrote when I found myself falling in love with this man that was so beautiful and sweet to me when I was with him, but could never love me beyond his bed.

I misinterpreted his emotions and let my heart melt into his thoughts and saw that it meant nothing. He made love to me and then walked away with no emotion, time after time, and still I continued breaking my own heart, in the process of trying to keep his interest and keeping hope that he could love me. I finally had to realize no matter what I did he was using me and would never love me like I did him. I let his mind-games control my life and found myself living in too much of a fantasy that I created in my mind and I finally awoke when he said "I'll always love you as a friend."

Those words broke my heart and finally I had to let go.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Making Love To A Friend
You were always so perfect to me,
so soft and gentle,
cherishing you instantly,
without a second glance,
I never distrusted those eyes,
that lied to me continuously,
I promised you I'd always try,
but slowly you were losing me.

I would always have given you anything,
just to keep your interest,
stopping my heart from remembering,
all the pain you caused,
I never pulled away from that kiss,
that held a painful hint of truth,
Maybe you'd be too hard to miss,
so I said I was still in love with you.

I wanted more than just the infatuation,
that you found in me.
You said love was only a distraction,
that you really didn't need,
so I cried myself to sleep,
knowing the times we shared must end.
You couldn't let emotion run deep,
you said you made love to me, as a friend.

But eventually, my love,
friendships fade, too,
and I can't make love and walk away,
pretending I don't love you.
Never once did I push you away,
but everything comes to end,
so all that's left to say,
is goodbye,

I loved loving you, my friend.

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  • genie
    I am really touched by the poem. I never thought that we are of the same situation. I was in-love with a friend whom I gave everything I can but only treated me like I am nothing for him. He was good to me in the sense that I am just a friend, ignoring me like he doesn't care at all after getting what he wants. Now, I could not move on yet with my life. I don't want revenge, but I am still hoping we could be friends till I forget him.
  • veronica
    this pome i would have to say stated off sad,but in the end strong. the person who wrote this pome was strong let go somebody who didn't love him. it's hard to let go someone you love.
  • rinesha
    nice one. keep it up.
  • An
    Hey ya'll u should vote this one because this is a real peom that what everbody go's through so is not the only one
  • Rosie
    thank you. iv been through just this my bf doesnt love me like i love him he just uses me, i was too blind to see it until my best friend pointed it out. the thought that he uses me never even crossed my mind. i dont want to turn him into the enemy because he used to be my besst friend. i had my self think it was something i was doing wrong, and it was; i am such a coward to think that i cant take one more heart break. i feel so lonely without a boyfriend, someone to fall back on when i am depressed. you create the illision that they are all you have, and they hurt you again. thank you
  • daphney
  • carmen
    i have been in this situation exactly. i know the hurt. the loving someone who deosnt love you in the same way, they only loved you when they wanted something, and ut hurts when you realise the truth yet you still love them. just not their poisonous words.
  • TINA
    I really liked your poem it was cool. it was touching and understanding! :]
  • Leila
    What a heartbreakingly beautiful poem. I am deeply touched by it. Unrequited love is incredibly painful.
  • Jade
    Deep! It's crazy what guys can say and do! How they can do this im not sure. . . It's so hard to get over the feeling is so painful, full of confusion and hurt i'm sure it's a feeling you won't forget! But Dont frown you never know whos fallin in lobe with your smile! : )! Stay Strong!
  • sonia
    This poem really touched me. I'm in the exact situation at the moment and it hurts knowing that the person will never love you the same way you do. although as the days pass you give yourself lost hope that they someday will knowing they won't!
  • Angel
    Very beautiful poem which so many people can relate to including myself! Though I rather be happy for the short moments that we are together than say goodbye.
  • liz
    I really liked this poem it reminded me of me this happend to me too i thought he loved me but no all he wanted is to"make love" i was so stupid i fell for it and i'm only 15 I'm still in pain and i used to cry to sleep but I realized i got to let go i can;t change what he doenst feel for me
  • Jade
    I really loved this poem only because it hits so close to home for i was going through the same thing. and know exactly how it feels: to love someone that only want you for sex and on top of everything is a good friend in my case a friend of 8 years!
  • crystal
    this poem really touched my heart. i actually cry evey time i read it. things in life is crazy, but for a second when you think you found that perfect someone life actually stands still. but the only hard part about it is when that person cant love you back this poem rules!
  • Felicia
    i absolutely loved this poem i know exactly how it is to feel that way
  • tracey
    i really loved this poem. I just ended a relationship and that is exactly how i feel. We were dating, but the interset never left the bed. He wouldn't want to hang out and go out he wanted to stay in and "make love" But slowly as time rolled on, i began to realize that and realize i was worth so much more than that. WE broke up 10 days ago and he's already with another girl. So i guess me loving him just wasn't enough, because i wasn't getting love in return. I loved your poem.
    that is about the same way i feel
  • cynthia
    this is a poem of something that once happened to me. is is so real
  • Carly
    really enjoyed this poem can't stop reading it again and again! thank you! x
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