A few years ago I fell head over heels for a friend. I wanted to tell him how I felt but was petrified it would ruin our friendship. All these emotions would stir when we were together. Writing this poem helped save my sanity. Maybe it will save yours.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Can You See It In My Eyes?
You don't know how I'm feeling.
I have yet to vocalize
Desire deep inside me.
Can you see it in my eyes?

I tremble when I'm near you
Heat travels up my thighs
and I want you with an urgency
That I just can't describe.

Dare I reach out to touch you?
Do you think you'd realize
How much I want and need you?
Can you see it in my eyes?

I long to say, "I love you,"
But am scared of your reply.
Terrified like a child
I've become paralyzed.

The camouflaged emotions
Lead to pain and silent cries.
And yet I just can't tell you.
Don't you see it in my eyes?

Confessing through this poem
My dilemma summarized.
The feeling's quite cathartic,
But will lead to my demise.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Becca
    You completely put my thoughts into words. Thank you.
  • DeAnn
    I can relate to this. I like & care deeply for a good guy friend of mine & scared to death of ever losing him. I think he knows that I like him more than a "friend".
  • Emily
    Hey, thank you so much for this poem. It expresses exactly how I feel about one of my friends. It's hard, you know, living like that. But reading your poem really helped me. Thank you again.
  • Shawna
    I loved your poem i am always saying to my boyfriend can't you see it in my eyes.
  • The gangsta of love
    This poem made me think about this girl in my class this year when i graduated middle school , and now were going to 2 completely different high schools , first it started out as friends but then i fell in love with her , i loved the way she did everything , when she was appcent from school i wouldn't be myself without her and right now i still can't live without her , i think about her all day everyday , and i can't tell my friends or parents because my parents won't understand and my friends will laugh at me, but this poem tells me i'm not alone.
  • Angela
    You definately have my vote. You have put into words something I experienced some time ago. I never had the courage to utter not even a word about it.
  • lori
    This poem was as lovelu as a flower. I enjoyed it very much. I would love to se more by Sandy Fioretti. Thank you, Lori
  • sarren
    i else thahe future i don't know if i can tell know what this means i just told someone estreday that i liked them alot and thn iasked him if he would ever like me the same way and all he said is i like u as a friend and that is it now i don't know what i am going to do in the future
  • Mignon
    This is a very good poem. I love it, you know why? Cause that is what I am experiencing right this very moment. I love this guy, he is a very close friend. He has always been there for me. I was coming out of a bad marriage he made be strong and help me move on. I loved him then and I still love him now. Every word on this poem expressed how I feel about M----. Thanks
  • Amber
    i think this poem is very good. keep up the good work.
  • samantha
    hey this poem is great i like it it relates to a lot of things tha ti know of and what goes on in my life with the guy i truly love
  • Trace
    Very well done; please share another, you do have talent
  • tequila
    great poem i thought of it as me cause thats exactly how i feel.
  • Maria
    omg. this explains how i feel. its very gud. i really like it
  • Carlos
    This poem is madd g0od it goes for me too and my girl.
  • Brittney
  • Ashley
    I feel the same way about somone and is amazing that someone wrote a poem about how I exactly feel
  • jessica
    nice and hot poem
  • sadaf
    i love this poem. it is really touching. the wording is nice and says what most of the girls want to say who r shy.
    I love this poem! I am in the same situation and this poem explains it all!
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