For those who have fallen for their best friend. And are afraid to come out and just say it. Like me.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

To My Best Friend?
This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long
I am feeling so alone.
With you I am so happy
you keep my heart content.
But I had to be a volunteer -
so off to England I went.
That is where I found my heart
and how I feel for you.
I try so hard to deny this feeling
and I don't know what to do.
I said that I would never again
let someone take my heart.
And here I'm sitting wanting you
and hate that we're apart.
Everyday you are in my thoughts,
every night you're in my dreams.
I can't believe what's happening,
is this really what it seems?
I know you're only wanting
to be the best of friends,
but I am asking you sincerely
if it's your rule you'll bend.
To take a chance to know me
to let me share it all.
And maybe one day very soon
for me one day you'll fall.
Our friendship we now have
is something that I'd miss
but maybe once we let go
we will find eternal bliss.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • luluwa
    this poem is one my greatest poems ive ever read. thank you because i send it to my friend and they loved it very m much thank you very much!
  • cheryl
    hello shannbodan:))) i really love this poem:) i can hear your inner feelings through this poem. you are hopping that the girl that you like which is your best friend,would break her rule of just staying as best friends and instead cross the boundry and start off as a couple with you:)))
  • jude
    this poem is apt for my own situation.
  • maria
    omg this poem is the best it has my thoughts into it really deply
  • Draciolus
    Wow. describes my life these past few weeks perfectly. Very touching poem, and very well done.
  • chastanna
  • Rebecca
    I love this poem. it fits my life right now and is very uplifting and sweet
  • siya
    its very beautiful of expressing about the person u admire the most. keep on writing such beautiful poems.
  • Brady
    This poem was abosolutely ammazing. Really explains how i feel right now. This person must be a genius!
  • sarah
    fantastic poem, this happened 2 me when i was younger, she fell 4 me and i rejected it later 2 fall 4 her but it was 2 late. the love and lust was so strong but it was just 2 complicated. weve both moved on with our lives now and dont speak and circumstances would be 2 difficult to ever be with her again but i will never forget how much i loved her and most probably she will feel the same because i know how strong our love was towards the end. anyway enough of me rabbiting on great poem!
  • jeannine
    this poem really touched my heart! i looked and looked for a poem that best described what i was feeling and i was astonished to read yours. i loved it and i'm glad so many other did too! thank you!
  • suZaku
    -this pOem is rEaLLy grEat. it tuched my heArt and i fEeL mOre cOmfortable nOw c i aLsO experiEnced thOse things. gOod wOrk. its very nice. every wOrds of the pOem cOmes frOm within
  • steph
    i love this poem. its what im going through right now also. i feel in love with this guy the first time i layed eyes on him now were the bestest friends ever. we are really close. but his in cali we talk often but his to far away. and im trying to find the answer if i should tell him how i feel. this poem really makes me think . its a great poem.
  • Hinata
    I like this poem its like really sweet . my best friend and i love each other now thats probably why i like but anyway sweet poem :)
  • Mindy
    This is the best poem ever. I agree on the poem. I have a friend also i fell in love with and i couldn't figure out on how to tell him until now. Thank you so much
  • elboney
    I really like this poem because we all have best friends
  • be
    touchy. i can relate.
  • Gerry
    This is EXACTLY how I feel about my best friend, but I'm to nervous to tell her. I can really tell you have had these feelings!
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