Sometimes we come across people in our lives who we simply can't live without. I wrote this poem about my best friend in the whole wide world. She gave me hope when I was hopeless, and she was always there for me. It didn't matter to me what others thought of her, because she was my friend and that's all that mattered.

I daily thank God for giving me these people who are my angels on earth and who I can know I will always call my friends. Thank you Emily for being who you are, and loving me in the process!

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems

My Angel And Friend
I never thought that I would find
a friend so great and a friend so kind
I look up to you in every way
'cause I learn something from you every day.

Without you I don't know where I'd be
but you're still here, friends with me
you deserve so much more than I can give
but without you I wouldn't live.

You've given me more than money can buy
and for you I'd give my all and I would die
This feeling I feel gets stronger every day
hoping not to screw it up, I constantly pray.

I know we have our problems every now and then
but once it's fixed our friendship is better times ten
and I want you to know that I truly do care
even in fights when I say things that aren't fair.

You're an angel from God up above
and I'm thankful for your understanding love
because when you're around everything seems right
and for you, until the end, I will fight.

It doesn't matter what you do or say
because you'll be my friend anyway
I know the real you that's down deep inside
and in you, I'll always confide.

Thanks for being the friend you are
you're my best friend, an angel by far
everything in you is an inspiration to do great
and you'll be loved by all cause that's your fate!

So never stop being the real and wonderful you
cause God shines through in all that you do
and whenever it seems like I'm never there
remember this: I love you and I'll always care!

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • nikaru
    i love it very much.
  • deadrose19
    wow! this is def the best. i love it. really really do. and smile, keep up the good work! love to hear more frm u =)
  • Anjali
    this is a very lovely poem. i have a friend who is like an angel to me. the title itself made me remember her. gud work, keep it up!
  • megan
    oh my gosh i loved this so much i sent it to my best friend b/c it was so true about her. i loved this poem and thought it was so beautiful and u could tell it was a poem made from the heart!
  • Jessica
    this poem was so good it made me cry. because this is like my friends and mine life. we have had hard times and times when we fought, but we have always made up. this just made me smile ans cry in a time of sadness
  • princess
    that's very beatiful, it's like u know a friend of mine by the name of Modiehi. God bless u
  • Kathleen
    this poem is so lovely. my friend was in a car crash and isn't going to remember anyone so all her friends are putting a book together to show her how much she means to us and this will be the first poem in!
  • Erika
    I really liked this poem. It is truly what a best friend really is. Yeah.
  • Kristine
    omg this iz such a great poem ! I am in love wid it ! It iz like all my thoughts in a poem ! :]
  • Nicole
    Wow! What an amazing piece of artwork! I was so touched by the true friendship "Smile" wrote about and I can totally relate. Smile, God has obviously given you an awesome gift for writing and an awesome friend! Keep up the good work.
  • kelly
    wow. this poem is amazing. ive been having a hard time with my best friend. this really does represent how much she means to me.
  • Kaitlyn
    That was amazing! I sent it to my best friend and he agrees. thank you!
  • Savannah
    i love this poem it reminds me of my bestfriends i would do absolutely anything for them no matter what it is i love both of them with all my heart!
  • Leanna
    Just Beautiful!
  • Ashley
    i absolutely love this poen it touched me cuz it is exactly how i feel about my friend it shows me that not only me and my friend have problems but we still love eachother and im glad we are not alone!
  • Em
    This poem really touched me. It's like speaking for me what I've always wanted to say. Thanks for allowing me to read it.
  • Gerry
    My favorite poem, I had to call my best friend and tell her about it!
  • aliza
    i love this poem it totally describes me and my bff
  • Ayrmis
    i really love this poem
  • Letitia
    This is an awesome poem it reminds me of my bf and when i leave him 2 go 2 another school he can read it 10/10
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