I wrote this poem when I was going through a really bad patch in life. I thought that no one ever understood me and that I was totally different to everyone else. It's not a very long poem, but it's all my feelings in words.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Teen Poems

There is a part of me
That feels I am different from everyone else.
Something that I can't quite see,
Something that I can't quite feel,
Something so unreal.
But this 'thing' is always there,
This 'thing' with others, I will never share.
So I push it to the back of my mind,
All the thoughts of boys and clothes
And make-up, it is hiding behind.
Sometimes, when I have almost forgotten,
It comes back with such ferocity,
Angry and unforgiving.
I feel so lost and sad,
Whatever caused this feeling
Must have been so horrible and bad.
A lost memory or something else,
I'll never know,
Whatever it is,
I know for sure,
I can never let this feeling show.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • bob
    i loved it because the poem could be about me lol:0:)
  • kisskisssisters
    this is a very beautiful and straight from the heart type of poem.
  • mariah
    from a 1 to ten i would say absolutly a ten i felt exactly like this before and in fact its as though i can never get rid of that feeling so i guess i still feel that way
  • Alexis
    Seriously. I thought I was the only person in the world who ever felt like this. This poem felt like it was talking directly to me. I know exactly what its like. Thank you so much!
  • Brianna
    This poem was awesome.
  • No one speical
    this poem was really good. i know how you feel when you say nobody really understands you. i feel like that all the time and i dont really no why. but it was great.
  • Sabeeha
    This poem has so much meaning. it is so real. and true as if one can touch the words. It is beautiful
  • Hailey
    that was so real i really loved your poem it was great lol
  • Bianca
    I loved it so much it kind of relates to me.
  • joy
    i really like this poem. can explain why i like it so much, just know i have felt this way many times through out and in my life. 41 years on this planet and still learning. thank you for your time peace and harmony with and amongst all joy
  • Erica
    Amazing poem I can relate
  • tiffanie
    i love this poem and i can really relate and i'm sure any other teen out there can.
  • Andre'a
    I voted for this poem because, it really toched me in a place where I've been tring not to let everyone see but has it has definitetly been showing. This is part of growing uo but, it just feels like im the only 1 out there that feels this way pain and struggle. Thank You for this wonderful poem it has really opened up my heart to something new.
  • Lauren
    i cannot stop reading this poem for this is how i have felt my entire teenage career and i just never knew how to express it. its a beautiful poem
  • Courtney
    this is a beautiful poem that really reveals the background life of a teenage girl
  • destiny
    this poem is good cause when i read it i know exactly what your talking about and ur not alone
  • Jillian
    You talk about the truth. Everything u said was true
  • Jay
    I read this poem when I was looking for poems to put on my away message to express my "sad" mood, if you will. It really touched me, and it made me feel a lot better to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I think this poem identifies greatly with many teens, and is in general, a great poem. =)
  • de
    i really do think your poem is cool and thanks for your time
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