I have always been the type of person to close myself off to anyone who wanted to build a relationship with me - until I saw him.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Love At First Sight
Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
That's the question I used to ask
Until I laid eyes on you.
How is it possible to feel so much for a
stranger, a passerby?
Love has no limits, no color, no time.
That's when I realized I had fallen in love -
Love at first sight.

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  • mai
    as much as it is very simple bas i really loved this poem maybe cause i have entered the stage of asking myself if there was love from the fisrt sight bas the answer was always it is in ur dreams bas i really thanks the person who wrote it and i want him or her to continue in writting mai
  • Hannah
    awww, these poem's i read of people on this site are beautiful (: they touch me deeply, i love poem's. nice work (: x
  • cordeija
    i like this poem because it reminds me of when i met my current b/f. he was with my friend but she only asked him out 4 money then when i met him i fell in love right no0w i'm missing him so much
  • christy
    this poem was the bomb i like it lots its like super true imMa digging it realy coolio
  • Ashley
    I thought I feel in love at 1st. tell i found out that he was cheating on me and we was ingage to get married. tell i found out bout him cheating on me and i broke it off. and the next day i went to a party and found somebody else and he makes me happy and know we r ingage to get married. Yes i believe in love at first sight.
  • Bianca
    I love this poem because as I was reading it I thought of this guy that goes to my school but his in year 12 and im in year 8 and i think he knows I think his hot and he keeps looking at me but ye I dont know what to do!
  • Caress
    it was absolutely beautiful. in it's short, but sweet style i found myself dreaming of such a romance.
  • mary
    hey i want to know more.
  • krystal
    this was one of the best pomes ive ever heard if it was longer it would be the best. thats a great poem
  • Margaret
    I love this poem. You manage to describe with few words how I felt when I laid my eyes on the boy that I'm still in love with. I know we'll never be together, but I love him more than I thought was possible.
  • Tawni
    to the point. great
  • Dale
    I think the poem hits me hard. I've just signed on to see if Love at First Sight had any articles on the net. Here is a super poem. I've had my guard up for over 2 years--this person did not have to take it down--it simply vanished. PS: My sign is VIRGO
  • dania
    I love this poem because it just what u ask your-self after u falled in love
  • Sharaybia
    I like this poem because it makes me feel all great inside. I was in love and still in love with a boy that knows about me. He makes me feel as if were gonna be together forever. I like this poem and keep it coming asap.
  • NOT
  • nancy
    this is an great poem i hope you know i love to hear poems such as this and know there an such thing as love in the world today
  • blue eued girl
    The poem was lovely but does it really exist? I would like to think so
  • jenny
    i love this poem so much
  • breeanya
    i did'nt really like this peom when i frist read it but then i read it over then i realized what u where truly saying that poem is so true
  • Rosa
    I think this is very true and a good poem . !
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