I wrote this poem one night after I had come home from spending the evening with my boyfriend. We had just shared a great kiss, and this is a way for me to remember that kiss forever.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

This Kiss
we stood in the doorway
his hands on my waist
the clock tickling loudly
almost in haste

he moved in closer
his eyes locked in mine
I long for his kiss
For just a moment in time

his lips meet mine
and I feel the sensation
no longer must I wait
to give into the sweet temptation

my knees go weak
my palms become sweaty
I go back to that place
I have been so many times already

the world disappears
all that's left is him and I
and as we pull away
I feel as though I could fly

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • T
    this poam is just how i will feel when he gives me his first kiss when we meet for the first time.
  • wallace
    touch me dip
  • kimberly
    this is really good
  • sarah
    I Really Like This Poem. it Reminds Me Of The First time i Kissed My Boyfriend. =]
  • alyssa
    I loved it was so good its somehting i wished for! very good great job!
  • Jose
    Nice poema, Love it.
  • N
    Omg! Dah poem is so0 nice or I loved It !x!
  • wildhorse
    gr8 journey through first kiss keep it up
  • christina
    i loved this poem. it made me go back to my first kiss and the emotions i had at the time.
  • lee
    his poem is very touchy 'it makes my heart smile,i just looooooooooooooove it!
  • Rilinda
    I really loved this poem! I said everything that a girl goes through at that momment. I would vote it #1.
  • amber
    i love this poem so much. it brings back memories of the times ive shared a great kiss. WONDERFUL!
  • Al
    Good use of words, I love you poem. Keep it up
  • tyrell
    this poem is sweet i luv i. whoever u r keep writting!
  • Michelle
    i especially loved this poem. even though my "first kiss" was a bad one, i knew what it was like because i actually had a moment like this with the next boyfriend (/ex-boyfriend) and i kinda know how it feels now to b my boyfriend (right now) cuz that was the situation for him. thanks for helping me understand.
  • shelby
    I think this is a very sweet poem
    No one ever painted the picture of the last kiss I received from her,my ever loving one. sometimes, minds around the globe resonate pls write more for me tadze
  • syidah
    I like it
  • stephany
    i really love this poem i think that this is the real deal! i love u ppl
  • Maria
    I Love this Poem!
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