I wrote this a long time after I broke up with someone, after the pain had healed and I could look back rationally, when I had realized he was doing what he had to do.

And that deep down he cared about me.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Slow Tears
I look up
as a tear rolls slowly
down my cheek
I think about better days
and wonder if I'll feel that way again
you look at me
with those eyes I know so well
always serious, so deep and insightful
as though you're always in control
But not today
not now
Now you look so scared
like for once you don't have the answer
I gaze at you
looking deep into those hazel eyes
Hoping to understand
why you've said those things you did
I wonder for a moment
if this is all a dream
if I shall wake in the morning
and be relieved
you look at me
with a confusion I have never seen
slowly pull me towards you
and wipe the tears from my cheek

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • shalani
    i love this poem because it expresses how i feel about my ex-boyfriend he move to montania i was so sad i started to write poems
  • Siera
    This went right along with what is going wrong in my life! Thank you now i can tell it to my boi.
  • LaTasha
    i like this its the way i feel right now
  • amanda
    this is really good im going to through alot and thought i would look at it we ttyl
  • Renee
    This is the exact same thingi went through and for all the girls out there who has been through this kind of situation i recommend this poem to you.
  • Malaki
    This poem touches you to the depth of your heart, it makes you realise that sometimes we look at love in the wrong way. That we make things out of nothing. But it gives you hope that all is not lost.
  • nice
    amazing poet keep going
  • m.t
    This was a lovely poem and it really awnsered alot. It was telling the truth and i cant wait to tell my friend about it as i love poetry myself!
  • Ashley
    I think that this was a wonderful poem i mean it really touched me.
  • Darveyea
    this poem is so sweet i almost cryed
  • nisha
    this poem realy touched my heart. it made me remembr f him. i thot il 4get him bt thn i cudnt. n realy a tear rolled down. i thot he'l cum n wipe my tears bt thn thr was no one. i realy miss those days whn he ws wid me. i wont ask him ne reason 4 leaving me coz i knw my luv is true n it'l cum bak again.
  • alix
    Your poem moved me to tears.
  • felicia
    I can relate to this very well!
  • Kaitlin
    Thats a lovely and incredibly sad poem.
  • Forrest
    This is beautiful in its sadness. I understand the wish that this were a dream all too well.
    WOW!. it make me almost cry:(
  • Anton
    I like this poem. It completly describes some moments of my life. Thanks. With love, from Russia.
  • Tia
    I LOVE Your Poem. I Think I Have Might Of Lost The One Im Truly InLove With. This Poem Just Made Me Realize A Bunch Of Stuff. It Really Opened Up To Me. Its Like Its Based On My Life. But I Love It. Talk To You Soon!
  • dawn
    this is a poem that touched me because it says some of the things iv said in the past. its a beautyful piece of work. my compliments xx dd xx
  • sherwin
    this is a really beautiful poem that i relates so much to. i wich ican write like this. nice!
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