There are special people that we meet in life who seem to make life's journey a little easier. Those people are like a candle that shows the obstacles in your way so that Life is easier to deal with.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Lighting Your Way
If I was one thing, I'd be a candle
Lighting the way so you can handle
Your life easier without woes
Not having to fight with your foes.
I'd help keep you from stumbling over
Things blocking your path to an open door.
If I light your path, life is easier,
Even strong winds, my light will not deter.
No matter what, I'm here for you
To cheer you up when you are blue.
Do not fret when times get tough,
If things look down or kind of rough.
Just remember, I'm always here,
In your heart, close and near.
I will help you out in every way,
Happiness and love in your heart will stay.
Don't blow me out, that's one request
Unless it's me you do detest.
I do not try to hurt anyone
That isn't good or any fun.
But one day you may leave me behind
You may no longer need my light to shine.
If that day comes, go on your way
And I will hope to see you again one day.
If one day, I don't appear,
Do not worry, do not fear
I may be gone, but in your heart
The light I gave you did not depart.
It will be there forever and a day
To always bring happiness and light your way.
Farewell for now, I'm needed elsewhere
If your path grows dark, in your heart, I'm there.
So I'm really not gone, just not seen,
I would not leave, I'm not that mean.
Only one simple request that I must say,
Please, never forget those who lit your way.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • kyra
    I love this poem. I had always valued friendship,and this poem is about the only one that touched my heart
  • Mezida
    This is a beautifully written work about growing apart. At this moment in my life I feel alone and friendless Despite what my friends tell me I know that the day we walk past eachother like strangers is near. This poem made me realise it's not so bad at all.
  • emerson
    i like this poem because i can relate it to my real scenario in my own life now.
  • maly
    this poem really touching ^^ I read it over and over again and everytime the feeling are the same ^^ thx for helping me speak out the words in my heart for me =)
  • Siuli
    It's a beautiful poem that touched me a lot. My eleven year old daughter got second prize in school by reciting this poem. Many of her teachers appreciated the poem.
  • Shawna
    I have a seventeen year old son living with his grandparents. I miss him dearly everyday and wish he would choose to come home. I feel I've lost my best friend and don't know how to go on. Every day is a new day of disapointment I try to keep my head high and move on through my daily activities but fear my child,son,friend will never return I am sending him your poem in a hope to let him know I love him and let him know i'll always be here and its will never be to late
  • heather
    i think that poem is very nice.
  • Kay
    It's beautifully written from the heart and it is a wonderful poem 'it's got alot of meaning behind it,the poem touch my heart. My Name is Kay.
  • james carlos
    a very nice poem.
  • marquita
    I would like to say thank u 4 those woundful words. I just lost my friend n i would like 2 say thanks n keep those woundful words go.
  • Shelby
    I loved this poem it brought tears to my eyes when i read it.
  • lory
    well. i donno how to tell u but i loved it sooo much!hope one day i'll become a poet like you!
  • louise
    wow i have 2 say goodbye to some one close to me because he is leave school=[! & i have to say this sounds like what i would do! thank you this is really going to help me say goodbye in a less painfull way=]
  • joanne
    if we were all to light the way in friendship to just one other person there would be pease at last in our world----thankyou for your beautiful words
  • Karen
    that was great i see your friends mean to you what mine mean to me
  • carolina
    i think this poem is beautiful
  • Roselaure
    awwwww. This poem is realy touching. Especially the last two lines. I cannot think of any words to describe this wonderful poem! Keep on doing what you do! THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH.
  • Jenny
    I really like this peom b/c I feel like a person in my life has been that light in my life. He was a person who is still close to my heart. He is like a brother to me. Even though we haven't been able to talk for about 2 months. Thank you for the inspiration. Keep writing!. *Jenny*
  • Tina
    this is the sweetest poem, I have ever read. Thanks
  • kimberly
    This poem was very touching an a wonderful one thank you so verry much.
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