This poem is about a girl who is so in love with a boy. She thinks everything is going perfectly and that their love is growing. Then one say everything turns around and he starts ignoring her and putting her down.

It gets better again for a couple days. Then he goes back to being mean and eventually they break up. This poem was written about my ex-boyfriend, Danny.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

When You Love Someone
When you love someone so deep inside,
It seems like it's so easy to hide.
You've loved him for so very long,
You would think he could do no wrong.

Every day you would hope and pray,
That he would always stay this way.
He treated you like you should be treated,
You thought your life was finally completed.

You thought your love was growing true,
And then one day it was all so blue.
He started putting you down and it hurt,
You thought all you were to him was dirt.

He started ignoring you and you wondered why,
All you wanted to do was curl up and die.
You thought your relationship would never end,
But that was all so fake and pretend.

One night he was so sweet to you,
You thought all those things were maybe untrue,
Two days later he was back the same,
You thought you were the one to blame.

He thought the relationship was getting too serious
And that you had become a little too curious.
By this time you knew it wouldn't last,
All the nice things he said were in the past.

You thought that you would marry him some day,
But this time God wanted to get his way.
You wanted things back how they were before,
But you knew this couldn't happen anymore.

It was a Saturday night about ten o'clock,
You heard the news and it wasn't a shock.
You knew this was going to happen soon,
As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • raven
    this wuz soooo good it made me wanna cry cuz my boyfriend ack the same way and it hurts me 2 see how people change just 2 get what they want
  • Jess
    You have a 10 out of 10 from me. This happened to me. Ironically, the reason he stopped talking to me, is the person who sent this to me. Keep writing!
  • Stacey
    This is an AMAZING poem it really has touched me and i lovedd EVERYTHING about it.
  • Jessica
    i really like the poem it touch it saying the truth.
  • crystel
    i loved this poem it touched me really deeply it just so real
  • Ashley
    This poem I would rate a ten. I loved it and it is related to my problem tha I am having nw with my boyfriend but, I hope he don't end yp tha way but tha is the road he is headed on as of now. Thanks for helping me express myself with these words.
  • Brittany
    i love this poem, its so tragic yet perfect.
  • Holly
    This poem relates to me and my ex in a lot of ways. He started off the perfect boyfriend then ended up being the worse friend. I am so glad i found this poem it makes me wanna cry.
  • natalie
    i liked your poem because it really touched my heart
  • York
    Love, wat is it to me its nothing to no one life hands u no helps n handle bars so u can keep stable life is ups n downs i loved one guy lol and never again shall i! last chances come and go
  • LaTasha
    aww. i feel like this after my first true love brock up with me
  • mai
    I love it sooo mUCH!
  • jessica
    the poem was great sorry about ur x-boyfriend dany any ways i love the poem
  • jane
    i really love this poem as it sounds like my relationship at the moment. it touches you deeply
  • Quanya
  • shaniqua
    this poem really touch me i would like to hear more
  • kyshona
    dang dat 1 was very deep
  • mai
    i know i had gave another comment about another poem bas for this really contain of sentences and parts that happens daily with everybody thanks for the person who had wrote it and i hope he or she writes again it is very nice and real .
  • griffin
    this poem was awesome you know it really touched me cause my last girl friend we were together for 2 months and then i went to vancouver for a week for vacation and she forget i exsisted
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