Have you ever felt really deep feelings for someone, and thought that you knew them; but then found out that they are a total different person than you thought they were?

This poem is about when you've been through a lot of stuff with someone, and suddenly they change. You thought that you knew the person that they were, but you really didn't.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

Not There
I stare at you across the room
I see your warming face
I try to see the inside you hide
Your feelings I try to embrace

I realize as I look at you
As I just sit and stare
I can see you perfectly clear
But for some reason you're not there

I see your eyes, I see your face
But yet I can not see
Your loving inside that you had
I can't see your personality

I realize how much that you have changed
How you don't seem to care
I stare at you across the room
But yet you are not there

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • rubez
    Gosh this poem iz one ov th best iv read it realy makes so much sens uv done a gr8888 job :)
  • nisha
    i loved it i feel the same way about my man sumtimes it was deep
  • christine
    hey youre poem xplainz mi bf exactly ae itz just how he iz
  • Christen
    I can relate.
  • Whitney
    Just wanted to take some time 2 say. im in AWE!This is a GREAT POEM!I LOVE IT!I vote for this with PLEASURE!
  • nikki
    i love this poem because o have went though it and i still see that someone and think that same thing. that is a really great poem.
  • Cristal
    Hey i really like this poem
  • leslie
    i like this poem because its what im going through and now this valentines day i cant be with the person i love whos name is alberto he made me think that he loved me but ended up hurting my poor little heart. he says to that girl he love sher to and that he wants to last along time with her but he told me the same thing. and it hurted me so much!1
  • Hil Bil
    I totally get this poem. It relates to my life so well. I absolutley loved this poem! Keep up the GREAT work!
  • Chantale
    this poem is one that speaks so many truths! I like it mainly because i can relate to it so much not only with intimate relationships but with certain friendships great job!
  • Nikki
    This poem is so true its exactly what happend to me its what caused me and my boyfreind to break up! It such a good poem!
  • Lauren
    This poem I can really relate to. It is good and very true.
  • Ashley
    I really enjoyed your poem it's like i feel the same way you do.
  • tabitha
    I love this poem it makes me remember the past i give this poem 10!
  • mariya
    i liked this poem it reminded me of my ex and how i feel now because how much he changed.
  • mitul
    nice . great hidden meaning . dam good ,,
  • Brittney
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. The author has alot of potential.
  • Mandy
    OMG I have the same problem! Ok me and my bf have been dating for a year now and it seems like he has changed! I don't know what to do!
  • Vanessa
    U know how 2 tell that 1 person how u feel and i know wat u r saying i have been there once and i dont ever want 2 go back 2 that same spot that i was in 3 nights ago so i guess i got let u know that u really have a talent in writing poems keep up and maybe someday u will become a famous poet who knows
  • Stacey
    Hey i lvoed this poem. I know exactly how this feels and its a sucky feeling. BUt yea just thought i woudld tell you you done a great job!
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