Poetry is about much more than rhymes and clever imagery. At the end of the day, poetry is always about people.

We read poetry with our eyes, listen to its beauty with our ears, and understand the words with our mind. But good poetry, the best poetry, must always be felt within the human heart. It must be experienced. The best poems use the magic of words only to illuminate a deep understanding of our humanity, to perhaps bring us to a time we once lived or take us to a time we've only dreamed of being.

Culled from ALL of our categories, the 100 poems below have touched lives, have encouraged friends and lovers to revisit or discover their hearts, have reminded people again and again and again of their intrinsic humanity. These 100 poems are about real people living real lives.

Let the countdown begin.

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    Friendship Poems - Poems about Lost Friends: When friendship and love collide, both can suffer.
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    Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems: Depression too often walks hand in hand with a deep sense of helplessness.
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    Kathleen Sheppard
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: From friendship to love - and then, in trepidation, back again.
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    Alicia S
    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: Circumstance often dictates feelings. And sometimes the very things that drew us to a person can remind us why it didn't work.
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    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems: Best friends just can't be replaced. They complement our lives so beautifully.
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    Lonely Shadow
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: Friendship is a marvelous gift. But, sometimes, it's not the whole of what we have to offer.
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    Love Poems: Sometimes the only way to find love is to first lose it.
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    Michael Mack
    Friendship Poems: This poem gives new meaning to the phrase "making friends," and exposes an important Truth about Life.
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    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Life, we know, is full of choices. And so, too, is Love.
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    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: Sometimes, tears say all that can be said, and understanding comes only with time.
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    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: The feelings written into this poem are quite moving. This poet does a good job in describing how friendship can turn into a very special love.
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    Jessica Sills
    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems: Burdens are lighter when carried by two ...
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    Sandy Fioretti
    Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems: People overcome their fear of rejection every day, finding the courage to say "I love you." But what about the very real fear of ruining a friendship?
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    Jennifer Souza
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: Love is a teeter-totter, with shared love the greatest high in life, and unreturned love the worst possible low.
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    Sad Poems - Poems about Death: Nothing loved is ever truly lost, and pain is a small price to pay for memories.
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    Kit McCallum
    Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems: When life and love have torn apart your heart, where do the shattered pieces lie?
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    Lesley W.
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: From friendship to more than friends. And then, back again.
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    Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems: This beautiful poem describes the beginnings of Love. And the fervent hope it is just the beginning.
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    Friendship Poems - Teen Poems: Not all the angels wear wings and not all reside in heaven.
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    Christelle Duvenage
    Poems on Life - Teen Poems: These days, people don't like you for who you are, but how you look and how popular you are
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    Ruth Kephart
    Love Poems - Erotic Poems: Taking the first step towards love is both journey and destination.
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    Megan Hance
    Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems: We know we feel different. Having a label applied to us may make help easier to find, but it doesn't make us feel any better.
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    Michael Anderson
    Sad Poems: How can you live when the best part of you dies?
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    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: We can fool ourselves for a time, and we often do. But only for a time.
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    Angel Baby
    Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems: It's not always easy to say, especially amidst troubles, but it almost always seems to help.