This poem was written to give to my very best friend when I moved away.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Dear Best Friend of Mine
I'm miles away and I think of you still.
You're deep in my heart.
You'll stay there, you will.

I'll never forget the times that we had.
The heartfelt discussions.
The good and the bad.

I'll never forget the confusion I felt,
The day I told you our friendship may melt.
I'm moving away I told you that day.

Being with you is a part of the past.
These words that I speak may be our last.

You reached out your hand and opened your heart
And whispered in my ear, "This is only the start."
A friendship like ours, no matter who goes away
can only get better.
Not crumble..
Not stray..

If two people were better for each other than us
God kept them for himself.
And that is a must.

For you are my best friend.
And I am yours, too.
We're stuck to each other.
Just me and just you.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • rachel
    i love this poem,i need it because im moving,and it touched my friend heart(the poem)
  • Holly
    My best friend is moving away and I've been looking for a fitting sentiment. Thank-You for sharing your poem!
  • kathryn
    wow that was amazing poem i really needed something like your poem thank you so much i gave it to my friend coze i was leaving and moving and she was my best friend since we were little kids thank you so much it helped me heaps
  • Debbie
    My best friend just moved away and this poem really made me think about him and cry.
  • Maria
    I liked this poem soooo much! When my friend told me she was moving to Sutherlin I read this poem and I cried. It really means alot to me. Good JOB! :)
  • Whitney
    WOW! I mean, O my God. That poem was off the chang. Who ever wrote this poem, they did a really good job because it almost sound like the same thing i said to my friend before i left GA but you did a excellent job. Keep up the good work!
  • Amber
    Im moving in 4 weeks. From Georgia to Oklahoma. I've been wanting to tell my best friend all of this. But I couldn't put it into words. Im extremely happy I found this.
  • Michele
    I loved this poem. I am moving across the country in a few weeks, and this shows how i feel. The poem is very sweet and is easy to relate to. : )
  • michelle
    i loved this poem. i can totally relate coz my friend is moving in less than a month. :( it sounds so much like us!
  • Mikaela
    I really loved this poem. I sent it to my Bestfriend Candice, because she is currently mad at me for something I didn't mean to do. I really hope that this poem toughes her like it touched me. I am so very happy that Andrea Hill wrote this poem. Thank you so much and I really hop this poem works! Mikaela
  • Amber
    it really touched me alot!
  • Ciemuna
    i really love this poem. i gave it to my best friend who is moving to new zealand and we both burst into tears. The part that means the most to both me and my friend was definitely: A friendship like ours, no matter who goes away can only get better. Not crumble. Not stray. Keep writing! Your great!
  • sarah
    it woz amazin. it sed wot i wanted 2 say bt from the other persons view wen my bezzie m8 moved 2 ireland 2 b with her family last yr. jus wantd ya 2 no it touched ma hrt
  • jess
    This is a beautiful poem, my best friend is moving to Australia in about a months time and I know its going to hurt. I took ideas from your poem. Thank you.
  • Regan
    WOW that was an amazing poem. it really did touch me cuz my best friend is moving away. On a scale 1-10 i give you an 11
  • Caitlin
    i loved this poem, this is what i want to say without crying to my best friend, i am moving countries in 2 months and i'm still trying to handell (is that how u spell it??) the pain.
  • chelsea
    this is what i wanted to say to my best friend before i was getting ready to move now i am moving away and my world is changeing from this on my life will always be this way when i leave my friends it is a hard thing to do espeically when u are moving to some differet state and they aren't going to be there with u and this poem really touched my heart
  • Nessa
    I love this poem . it is very touching and it relates alot to my espicalyy since i move a lot . whoever wrote this poem i say KEEP ON WRITING GIRL! your amazing ! :) and that's comming from the heart ! :)
  • Danielle
    The reason i'm voting for this poem is because I think it's a great poem for me to send to my friends when I move back the the US because I am curently living in France.
  • Vanessa
    I think that this poem says a lot about a friendship,and i know it because i had to move away from the place i called home and specially my friends. It was hard for my best friend and that is why i like this poem, a lot.
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