I wrote this for a very special person I met on the net. He always is there for me and I wanted to let him know that I love him for all the nights he has unselfishly spent just listening to my problems

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Poems about Cyber Friends

Net Friend
I type my love for you
On the TV screen

Never will you truly know
Just how much you mean

Some may say it's crazy
But I don't really care

They could never understand
all that we have shared

All the nights you've spent with me
Felt like you were here

Always with a open heart
And an open ear

I never had to wonder
If you truly care

Because when I turn on my TV
You words are always there

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Hillary
    i loved it
  • uzumaki
    i really like this poem cuz it really ME. !
  • stephanie
    i think your poem is very beautiful n well i think it was a good idea you posed online because this made me feel like im not the only person crazy in this world because i also wrote a poem for a person i met on the internet and well i think you should keep writing more poems.
  • esra
    woww i like this poem :) me also found a real friend in net. we are too far but will meet surely in feb 2007. i love her toooo much.
  • Terry
    I also have a net-friend. I wish she were more. To have a poem written to me like this one would mean a lot.
  • atin
  • tiffany
    this was a true poem everybody has a freind like dat!
  • honey
    a wonderfull poem that will toutch the hearts of many people. thank you for sharing this with us and keep up the good work.
  • harry
    this poem its so nice pretty and best poem. me too i have a friend on net and she so nice and im always online for her and talking. this poem is very special . nice writing nina :) and thank you for a sharing this poem for a ppl
  • bruce
    omg i love this poem so much thank you!
  • Mohamed
    This is realy a great poem. i like this poem.
  • elizabeth
    hey i feel like this to a boy i met on the net he is nice he is very fun to chat to he is the coolest i have ever met on here well i like ur poem i am to a poem writer i love it when i write how i feel down on something
  • Shannon
    So Pretty and it reimd me of my online friend that i found in 2001 and we still talk every day! I felt like You speak from my heart with this
  • Irma
    Wow I liked ur poem. keep up the good work and keep writing
  • Cheryl
    I found this poem a nice tribute to internet freinds and said so well the way i feel about my unseen freinds.
  • aamir
    Its a best poem . i like v much and now me sending to my dear friend shaaz
  • fhen
    very true
  • stephany
    this is one of the most heartfelt poems i have ever read online. it is so true to so many people. thanks for sharing. keep up the good work.
  • Nancy
    Thatz a really nice poem! ^_^
  • corrina
    i think that this poem really is great i can truely relate to the actions of this poem
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