I'm writing this poem 15 days before my best friend leaves for Typee. I'm dedicating this poem to her hoping and praying that it will fix the fight that we are in the middle of. I don't want her to leave without saying Goodbye just because of a little argument that in her eyes isn't so little.

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What If She Leaves Without Saying Good-bye?
What are we fighting over?
I simply do not know.
You have me lost in thoughts,
I'm tossing to and fro.

Soon you will be gone,
And you'll blame this all on me.
What can I say or do,
So the mistake we both can see.

Why did you pick this fight,
With me before you go?
I'm all alone and lost,
But of this you do not know.

If you don't say goodbye,
Before you turn and leave.
What am I supposed to do,
Except to cry and grieve?!

I thought our friendship was special,
I thought it meant a lot.
If you felt the same way,
Why are we stuck in this knot?

I don't like good-byes,
But in this we have no choice.
If you won't speak to me,
the good-bye's will come from MY voice.

We've managed through other fights,
But this one's not the same.
I'm not having any fun,
And I won't to stop this game.

I'm not good at soirees,
So I'll do my best with this.
I have one last request,
It is my goodbye wish.

I wish that we were friends again,
Before WE say GOODBYE.
Now that this is off my chest,
I wait and sit and sigh.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Jess
    I loved this poem. It brought tears to my eyes that id never let not till now when i lost a really close friend so thanks and may god bless you and everything you chose to do in the future
  • Ruth
  • Martha
    Hey well this poem asually touch ma heart. Yeah all you saying is pretty much me and ma friend she left without saying goodbye a year ago and untill now im still looking for her. i cant believe that for some stupit thing that happen between us we kinda stop talking to each other. and our friendship is getting lost. and im trying to bring that friendship back. b-cuz i stand up for her friendship something that i have never done before. and maybe woun't do it. any time in ma life she was someone especiall. well love your poem.
  • michael
    right now me and my girlfriend are not so good and when i read it, it made me think about her. Its a good poem!
  • charlene
    i really enjoyed your poem it was very sad but i liked it hope you and your friend can over come this and reconcile
  • harriet
    this i sthe exact poem for me and my m8 tiffanie we have had our fall outs but i love her to bits!
  • leonard
    It could not have been said better. Heart wreching. I know. I am going through that ecxact pain at this moment. Thouroughly exspressed. Thank You.
  • Youstina
    so beautiful, almost same thing happened 2 me. it's really touching
  • jessmail
    it was lovely . because my best friend is goin off with someone else
  • Torey
    I like this poem because my best friend left me without saying goodbye because she had to go to a Foster Home and i havent talked to her in 5-6 months i havent seen her in almost 3years
  • brittany
    the reason i chose this is because i lost a friend this year and i didn't say goodbye before he pased and i lost touch wit him and i regret that i had no time to say goodbye
  • sachin
    beautiful poem. so true, so much from the heart. nothing can be worse than unresolved disputes between friends, and this poem speaks it out so neatly.
  • danielle
    omg this reminds me of me and my friend right now it made me cry when i read it
  • ashley
    i like this poem very much it remeinds me of my bestfriends and i . see im moving but for some reason she is mad at me . but anyways i like this poem alot . i think i might say something to her.
  • massie
    i really loved this poem, because im leaving soon, and there is beef with me and my friends i reall don't like it and i want it to end!
  • shazia
    its just great,i appreciate your work,keep on writing. best of luck.
  • agilen
    simple but great easy to read but touching just wanna say thanks to u
  • Alysha
    that poem was so nice and sad omg that was the best poem i had ever herd i hope u guys get back togeather again as friends i hope she said good-bye to u well that all for now bye byez
  • ashley
    I loved it the same exact thing happend 2 me
  • Cindy
    The is a wonderful and touching poem. To me it says perfectly the feeling you have when someone leaves you without explaining why.
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