This poem is about friendship and love, I wrote it for my all of my friends, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and maybe even a few strangers!

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

If Ever You Need Me
If ever you need me,
I'll be right here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

If ever you need me,
I'll be two steps behind,
To follow in your footsteps,
And hear what's on your mind.

If ever you need me,
You'll never have to fear,
That your presence isn't important,
And your love isn't dear.

If ever you need me,
I'll always be around,
To bring back the laughter,
Where deep in your heart it's found.

You'll never have to worry,
For I'll always be here,
To chase away the sadness,
And wipe away a tear.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Amy
    I absolutely loved it! My friend is going through a rough time because one of her family members is really sick, and I gave this to her in a card, just to let her know I am always here for her. This poem really says how we feel towards each other!
  • Katrina
    wow! it was really good it's hard to give comments on this one because it was just so good!
  • Pam
    I liked this poem for it showed how much a friendship really is suppose to be.
  • Jessie
    i love the poem it touched me becuase a friend sent it to me in a time of need
  • amber
    I must say loved this poem very much. In my own life this poem has touched in places that not many words can and for special people as well. I'm just sorry I have no clue how to write so well. thank you for the gift of your poetry. its a 5 star in my book
  • holly
    the reason i luv dis poem iz b coz im a loving friend n always wanna b there 4 the ones i call friends there aint many tru friends so the ones u find u waana keep til da very end
  • Linda
    What a wonderfull poem full of meaning beautyfull words thank you i hve sent this to my friends
    This is not just an ordinary poem it is an inspiration a touch to heart, soul and mind. It made me feel so well and sending it to my sister who is also my gretest friend made me feel so much happy.
  • Roxxanne
    Nice poem. loved it. i've sent it to 3 of my bestest friends. love ya for writing this poem. write loads more. k?
  • louise
    i love this poem because i sent to a friend when she woz feeling sad about being in a new school and it really helped her to cheer up and be positive, thankyou
  • Justin
    I love this poem. One of the greatest poems that i ever reid. Thank you for righting this awesome poem. It all most want me to cry. This poem will make my friend cry too. Thank you onece more Becky Williams.
  • Jo
    this poem is fantastic coz it says sooo much in just a few words keep your writing going coz you rock!;)
  • Heather
    WOW is all i can seem to think! I love to write poetry and read it too, and i can tell that you have that special nack for it . . . i mean, you write what's in your heart and you don't have to really think about it. I really enjoyed reading your peice
  • A
    I love this poem it's my favorite one!
  • Kassandra
    This poem is great! It is awesome!
  • Kay
    I loved it. Truly describes a good friend. Thanks
  • rav
    Excellent - simple and elegant
  • Ocean
    I am touched by this poem. It's great. :) Thanks for writing such nice poem. Keep it up!
  • mandy
    this poem was one of the few inspirational poems that helped me think of the words to say to my best friend in my poem to her. thank u for letting the world read such a wonderful peice of art. please keep writing you are a great poet.
  • Phyo
    Nice to read it and feel it.
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