Life hands us many different things, good and bad. One of the greatest gifts we receive is the love of a good friend.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

The Gift Of Friends
There are days when
bubbling from us comes
the innocent child within,
who giggles at the little things
and wears a silly grin.

There are days when
melancholy comes to
visit for a while;
the mind feels tired, the body weak;
we have no strength to smile.

There are days when
joy abundant
grabs a hold of you and me;
wraps us up in all it's splendor,
lifts us up and sets us free.

There are days when
sorrow wraps us
in its cloak of grief and fear,
'till our hearts ache to the breaking,
'till our eyes can't shed a tear.

There are days when
love bestows us
with its wonderment and light;
with its beauty and its mystery,
its power and its might.

And there are days when
life rewards us
and seems to make amends
by granting us a marvelous gift,
the precious gift of Friends.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • yodels
    this poem means alot to me cause i went through a really rough part in my life and my friend was always there with me. thank you so much
  • Paula
    I loved this poem. this poem described me and my best friend chyanne perfectly we are always right there by each others side even if it does mean were in a whole lot of trouble. its a beautiful poem
  • FirstMoonDew
    Beautiful Thank You!
  • stacy
    oh my goodness this poem really touched me. i mean like this poem really show how u can shiw ur friends how much they mean to u and show a little bit of pride for ur friends. and that is wut i loved about this poem
  • Ashley
    This poem almost made me cry, because a friend of mine had a bad day today ,and she loves to be happy, but today she was full of sorrow. She was crying because she was scared, embarrased, and disappointed in herself. But this poem makes me realize that you have your good days, and your bad.
  • dee
    i love this poem. i am doing it is as a reticing thing in my grade eight ptoject. 10/10
  • alisha
    this poem is rellay cool!
  • christopher
    the poem is good and inspiring. thanks for the great zeal you have for the world.
  • Surbhi
  • heather
    this poem was awesome it expressed friendship with others in so many ways i loved it
  • mary
    For me this poem said pretty exact to how i feel about friendships. Really awesome poem, wish i could write like this.
  • linds
    i love this poem
  • chuck
    Very nice work.
  • Kaye
    i loved this, thank you so much.
  • Joyce
    Beautiful poem, that anyone can relate to. As we grow older some appreciates and learn that friends are precious and immeasurable. To lose a friend is losing a piece of heart and life
  • frances ayra
    its beautiful and you can always imagine it like their true persons!
  • chad
    i really like this poem bc its ture ur friends are there when u need them the most
  • mairin
    These beautiful words say everything I feel about my wonderful friends who have been with me through the years and have shared in all my joys and sorrows. Thank you.
  • Savannah
    This poem is so great! Wonderful words and meanings. It almost moved me to tears!
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