This poem was written for my best friend, whom has given me a great deal of support and love. Her friendship has helped me in so many ways, saving me from despair, and lifting my spirits.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Angel In Disguise
You're my angel in disguise
You read my soul with your eyes
Your spirit has entered my heart
And it's my hope we never part
For you are so special to me,
Without you, my heart would weep bitterly.

You're my angel in disguise
Your love comforts my cries
At night you guide me through the strife
And it is for that, my dear angel,
I owe you my life.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • esther
    anyone who says its bad, is pretty bogus. i think this is a nice poem i understand it.
  • Tanya
    did you love her more than a friend. and never shared it?
  • brittany
    this poem touched me because my best friend Brittany Sullivan is moveing to Florda at the end of the year it makes me think of the good times i had with her and how much i'll miss her!
  • Carol
    your poem so rocks bye bye
  • Kookie
    omg i loved it soooo much it really touches ma heart i felt lyke cryin when first read it its so beatiful! ya gurl kookie
  • CrEsSy+JefFrey
    i love this poem not only 4 a friend but also 4 u'r love one. keep it up!
  • Dale
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem.
  • Tammy
    I loved this poem because it had a deep meaning. I loved it.
  • kati
    great job
  • celeste
    i just think the way the author said it, was in a very beautiful way and all he or she says is true, there are friend in our lives that save us and bring us back from our saddest and worst moments and those people in every way are truly angels to us. i love his words and the way it just seems smooth, this may sound stupid but its best way i can explain things
  • bob
    i luvd it rite on man! luv ya BOB
  • surendran
    hi i am suren i am not tat clever in poem o things like tat but i can tell u tis poem is lovely one of the best i have ever read it touches my heart
  • Kettie
    I really liked this poem. I was starting a bad divorce and a long lost friend who I always thought about re-entered my life and he became my besfriend and my angel who saved me and was there for me.
  • vivilou angelica
    I just like it 'cause it's true!
  • Niomi
    Just to let u know tht this poem is fantastic it really did touch my heart!
  • Jimena
    I love the poem, it's short and sweet. I liked it very much, I feel the same way with my friends
  • Dana
    I really like this poem because it is exactly how I think of my friends.
  • Jo
    This poem was one that really touched me, it explored the feeling of friend and worded then in a way only a truely loving person could.
  • sam
    this poem was awesome and it really touched me. you are a very good poet believe me i should know i mean i have been writing poetry since 5th grade and now i'm graduating high school.
  • Alexiss
    I thought the poem was very beatiful. It made me feel very good inside when i read it and i thought when my friend read it and told me she said it made her feel good and though of her a the angel. I also thought myself as the angel as i red the poem and i bet a lot of other girls did too. this poem is very moving and is great.
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