The inspiration for this poem came from a scene at our supper table. There my husband sat with a "Barbie Doll' necklace on sipping out of a very small tea cup and looking at our four year old daughter with such love and adoration that I thought "There is nothing this wonderful Dad wouldn't do for her." And so a poem is born in dedication to Dad's everywhere.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

What A Dad Will Do For His Daughter
What a Dad will do for his daughter is rock his sick baby girl
until the sun peeks through the darkness
letting him know the night of worry is over.

He will take her small hand in his and walk slowly as she takes her first
walk to the ice cream shop to share a cone full of heaven on earth.

He will sip from the tiny tea cup she has set in front of him
and in harmony with the stuffed animals carefully placed in their seats
he will sing the praises of her great hospitality.

He will sit through dance recitals and fashion shows
where he is the only audience
and will clap with the enthusiasm of a thousand people.

He will take her fishing and play soccer,
and introduce her to the world outside
as if just experiencing it for the first time himself.
Perhaps he is.

He will sit with her through sweat and tears over homework
that was supposed to be turned in the day before
and he'll smile as they finish, seeing her relief.

He will place a firm hand on the shoulder of the young man that comes
to take her to the school dance
silently letting him know where he stands and what he expects.

He will watch with overflowing pride as his young lady
accepts her high school diploma
and will silently pray to God to calm his fears
and get him throughout the day.

He will be full of conversation and more than happy to listen
when she calls home now and then.
Even when the game of the year is on.

He will gently fold her arm around his
and with all the courage and faith he can hold onto
he will stroll down the aisle,
giving her hand but keeping her youth.

He will be the first one in the maternity ward ,
at the nursery window,
carefully inspecting the activities of his new family member.
Another part of her, another part of him.

He will reassure her as time rages on
and the signs of his old age start to frighten her.

He will caress her hand with a passion
to which she has never felt
as he whispers his last wishes to her.

He will come to her heart for all her life
as she sees his manner in herself
or his features in her children.

He will live in the smiles
that grace her face
as she remembers the things he did for her.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • kathleen
    It made me feel all the emotions that a daughter could have for her Dad. Thank You.
  • andrea
    i really miss my dad. i don't see him often as he lives in belgrade. Im in tears now. and i dont know why. =[
  • Raj
    It really touched my heart. I am anxious. like the father,to see my heart in my daughter's heart!
  • caity
    I cried. My daddy is about to die of cancer in a few months. i'm only 13. my daddy is gonna die before half the things in this poem will happen. But it is still such a wonderful poem.
  • alastriona
    wow really cool. I love this poem, my dad did different stuff with me than this poem describes, eg helping me carve a doll out of wood when I was twelve, but I still can really relate to this. I also like that it's written in plain english, you don't have to read one line five times before you understand it.
  • Dineen
    This poem is beyond moving! As I watch my husband with our one year old daughter, this is so him already, and it makes my heart so full! Beyond that, this is a poem,word for word, about my beautiful grandfather and the amazing way he loved my mother and her daughters. We lost him a few years ago, but he is and will always be the best man to ever grace our lives. Thank you for giving me this gift to share with my mother!
  • christianna
    This poem is a work of art! it made me cry and made me think exactly of my dad. you discribed him perfectly! well done
  • Billie Jo
    That was so touching and absolutely beautiful! I have a very close relationship with my Dad and every line of this poem was spoken from my very own heart. You have captured the very soul of a loving father/daughter relationship. Wonderful work!
  • Miri
    it gave me the warm fuzzies
  • Debbie
    I just lost my dad and this was us from start to finish, because you see I had open heart when I was little and he would rock me all night. My dad was my everything and when my daughter was born he was the first in the window to show her off, and now she too knows the love of the greatest father that ever lived.
  • bill
    My Daughter's just become engaged to be married. my future Son-in-Law came round last night, on his own, to ask for my Daughter's hand. he was as nervous as hell, reminded me of my stumbling efforts back in '68 and brought such a flood of memories that I searched for hours to try to find a poem which summed up the tremendous love I have for my beautiful Daughter Rachel, (who I call Wretch!). This poem came closest thanks.
  • Shi Yun
    This is really sweet and really touching. reminds me of what my dad used to do for me. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful poem.
  • Betty
    I cried all the way through this. I'm going to a wedding as a guest of the Father of the bride. I just met him, he seems very nice, and he just wanted a dance partner at the wedding so I decided to accept his invitation. I wanted to give him something special about the occasion - nothing expensive, just heart-felt. I hope you don't mind if I share it with him.
  • claire
  • mai
    I luv it.
  • sarah
    that was an excellent poem. i lost my dad when i was only 6 yrs. old. i wish i could have experienced that with my dad
  • Shannon
    This is a very touching poem! I loved it!
  • Stephen
    This one hit the spot. I had to move from Biloxi after the hurricane. My wife and kids are left in Natchez, MS and I am in Memphis, TN now. Your poem let me walk back in time. thank you
  • Susan
    Losing my dad at a young age, i never got to experience many of these things. reading this poem let me experience all the joys of a father.
  • jessika
    . wow . i really love this poem . my dad had killed himself almost 4 years ago . I was only 9. So its really hard for a 13 yaer old girl to deal with it. I really like this poem . Good job!
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