This poem I wrote to my daughters, Lisa and Shelly. It is about our life together. I raised my girls (now grown) all alone. It was hard but we survived through our belief in God and our love for each other.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

Love Forever Lisa
Our first years together were fun and play
Never a worry; Making memories each day!
We were best friends or "sisters" in our own little world!
You were my angel from heaven, my precious little girl!

A gift from God and I've loved you so
With a love so strong only a mother would know
I've tasted salt when you've shed tears
My life's been your life all through the years!

Life's about changes, nothing stays the same
Together we've stood to face whatever came!
We've fought the battle, we've won the war
The "proof" is in the person you are!

It was "just us three" for oh so long
"Me and You against the World" was our theme song!
We've made it through times I didn't think we would
We've accomplished things I never dreamed we could!

Now as you've taken a new path, a new direction you go
You'll make it just fine, that "proof" will show!
I'll still be here for you through tears or laughter
Today, Tomorrow, and Forever After!

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • julia
    this poem was so touching to me
  • Marshelia
    Thank you so much for sharing the love for your daughters with others. I have 3 daughters of my own and this poem really touched me. Good luck in all you do.
  • Kelly
  • T
    Your words inspired me and helped me to create words of my own for a special occasion. Words that have been blocked for days and now can flow. What a true gift you have.
  • Nikole
    I love your poem!! It reminds me of me and my best friend!! When i first read it i thought of her!! well i just wanted to say that you are a very good poet!! thank you
  • pixiebell420
    it was very touching and sweet!
  • LuAnn
    Judy, This Poem is Absolutely the most touching I have read on Mothers, and Daughters. My Mother raised 7 of us alone and we are all close.. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK ! and GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR DAUGHTERS,,, a Mother from The Midwest,
  • john
    I feel the same!!!
  • Beaux
    Great deserves first place by far!!!!!!!!
  • shelly
    this is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. Does this author have any more? Can you get her tp publish others on this site???
  • denise
    I'm a 5th grade teacher in Priddy,Tx. I used your poem to introduce poetry to my kids today. They loved it and I think it has inspired a few to give poetry writing a try! Thanks!!
  • Jadean
    This is one of the most inspiring poems I have read in a long time. It is a poem that I could have written, if I had the talent.
  • Kathy
    Very touching poem ! That's how I felt about me and my Mom !
  • Rhonda
    This poem is very inspiring and touches the very depths of my heart.
  • Odell
    Judy, We loved the poem! Very fitting for you, Lisa and Shelley. It shows your love for your girls. Keep up the good work, we expect to see more of your work! We would love to hear from you. Love, Odell and Debbie
  • Lisa
    GREAT POEM! Just wanted to vote this one in as a great choice!
  • Lisa
  • Lisa
    Very sweet poem!! I can relate!! Lisa.
  • psuedosuga
    very well writeen, its pattern and tempo read smoothe, thought out, and emotional.
  • Kathy
    This is a really awesome poem Judy. Straight from the heart as they would say...What a wonderful way to tell your girls how special they are to you...Keep writing... you're great!! God Bless!!~Kathy
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