This poem was written to my brother after he was diagnosed with aids. If you love someone don't walk away from them when times get hard. That is the time the love between you will blossom to the fullest. Let your love grow.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

AIDS was always just a word
yet now it bears your name;
But it has not changed how I feel
I love you just the same.

We should never judge another
with thoughtless words or deeds;
For we all have within us
wounds that have made us bleed.

So you have an illness
none of us quite understand;
It doesn't make you less a person
nor less a man.

You are still that same sweet person
that I have always known;
No matter the distance between us
in my heart you will always have a home.

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  • carmen
    My brother has aids and I love him with all my heart I lost my sister to this I hope I dont see the day Ill lose him Nice poem God bless you
  • Robin
    This poem is a poem from that haeart thats not trying to get all analitical and percise it just describes the American Descrimanatory society that we live in today and it touches the heart
  • taisha
    I think that this is a very good and true poem people do that that aids is just a word thinking that they will never get it people be on tv letting the whole word that they have aid trying to help people who don't have it so why do we still do it i don't no.
  • Lerato
    I can relate to this poem and it is good that the is people who care about people who are posetive. Those who are affected can help those who are infectted.
  • ciara
    really good poem. i know the way you feel about loosing someone to hiv-aids
  • aracley
    I just want to tell you I loved reading your poem. I hope your brother is OK and I wish both of you the best.
  • le
    well i'm from the caribbean and i really found this touching. i'm really in love with somone rite now and this poem honestly rendered me speachless. i couldnt even begin to grasp the concept of loosing somone i love so much. thank you for being strong enough to share your experiences. great poem
  • leona
    this poem is really touching to me
  • Augustine
    This is a very very touching and meaningful Poem am sure it would be a great source of encouragement to many people that I know, So many Do not realise that a friend with Aids is still a friend. but with poems like this am sure many people would change there perspectives People with Aids. Great Poem
  • Peter
    Twas it a merry verse of spirtual harmony. We are thinking of having it read aloud on the popular radio show "Roaring Soul". May the intuition of the world find a cure for this monster. Peace be with all!
  • olajide
    its a touching one please keep up the good work
  • porshua
    i love this poem it touched me my anti have aids and she died form it and i just want to keep this poem in my heart i love this poem judy burnette you did your thing on this poem i admire you thankyou.
  • arundhoti
    feeling of oneness
  • Kristina
    That was so beautiful and touching. The tears are trickling down still. I am so touched by anything and everything to do with AIDS. A very good man, the best I've ever known, is dying of AIDS. I've watched him watch his best friends die slowly and painfully from this disease. Whenever I think about the children in Africa and see images of it, I just breakdown. My heart is so broken for them. Currently I am making a collage on my wall for AIDS and I am including this poem in it. When I finish college I am going to Africa to love and nuture those children who are orphaned and/or those with AIDS. I'm very blessed to get to go there next July on a missions trip. You must have a beautiful soul to have written this, or else a tender heart. Just go away knowing that you have touched me deeply. Thank you.
  • malikah
    I looked up poems for ideas about what to right about because we r studying this for class and we have to right a poem on this topic. This poem was powerful and it showed even though this person had aids u still cared for that person and showed no change in ur love for them. it takes a mature and strong person to show that.
  • john
    It was a good poem. I really liked it. thank you for sharing
  • Liz
    I love your poem it says it all, I lost a loved one to Aids. I went from knowing nothing to knowing more that I wanted to. Your poem says how I feel but could put into words. Thank you
  • Tramell
    Your words has touch my heart. May more people come to this site and read them, for it will give the comfort. God bless
  • Richard
    great peom
  • Betty B
    Thankyou so much Judy. Your poem brought back the reality of life. And Its a fact that many are dying. lonely, cause of the fear of scorn and retribution. God bless
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