This was a tribute on Father's Day to a wonderful father whom I so dearly admire.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

I know itís not often enough I share with you Dad;

Seems long ago, when I was young;
I looked to you for guidance and love;
I listened to you;
Relied on you;
And craved for your attention.

And as I grew, you stood patiently behind me,
Allowing me to stretch my wings;
Test the waters,
And make my mistakes.

Thank you for loving me as you do;
Enough to let me take a fall
While you waited in the sidelines;
Enough to watch quietly
As I matured and learned.

It may not be often enough I share with you Dad;

But thank you for being the father that you are;
A father whom I am proud of ...
A father I can still turn to for guidance and love ...
No matter how old I really am.

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  • Sheeka
    I really liked this poem! I was looking for a poem to give my father for Father's day and everything I was looking for was too cheesy, but when I came to this one it was saying everything I wanted to say. It even brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks for writing this!
  • Edna
    I liked the poem. It reminded me of my dad. I want to print it in my Church newsletter. Is that okay?
  • carla jasmine
    I love thiz poem it really touched me cuz I have a dad that loves me so much. I am like his little girl even though I have a younger sister so I am the world to him
  • tiffany
    this poem touched my heart i really felt like that even though i'm going to be a teenager my dad dioesn't live with me but,thanxs anyway
  • Donna
    Wow. I'm speechless. My father passed away a year ago and he was the light that warmed me through my life. I have been searching for a poem to have above my favorite picture of him and this one fits the bill. You have touched my heart and made me remember all my favorite things about my dad.
  • kelsey
    this poem is amazing. and it is sooo true
  • shirley
    thank you so much my dad will love it. i think that you or amzing . so thanks agin
  • janine
    i love your poem. the words are organized. i am also touched because i am proud of my dad.
  • cristina
    i love your poem,i lost my father and reading this makes me feel like as if he was right next to me. It brings back so many wonderful memories. i love it its a wonderful poem.
  • steffie
    i love this poem. i can relate!
  • Sandra
    This poem really touched home, it was a real inspiration. Thank you!
  • Leslie
    This poem hit hard, because me and my dad are not close, but when I need him he is ALWAYS there. He has always stood in the background waiting for me to ask him,cause he knows that I can take care of myself. Thank you for putting it into words.
  • Carol
    Decided to make my Dad a Christmas card this year for his 84th christmas. Your poem brought tears to my eyes and touched me deeply - thank you.
  • Sue
    Thank you for letting me share this poem. It was just what I needed but couldn't write myself.
  • alex
    hiya! this poem is lovely i am 15 and i love my dad so much and 2 him i will always be his 'baby'my dad means the world 2 me and he is my world bt i dnt no wt i wud do if my world fell apart i will keep this poem close 2 my heart and remember all the gd times cz i dnt think there is any bad 1's xxxxxxxxx
  • Ulli
    i like the peom a lot! i'm currently spending a year in the united states and I'm living on my own without my family and whenever i think about all the things i had with my dad and how much i truly love him i could cry when i read the poem because it really means a lot to me.
  • Brae
    this poem really touched me like no other. my dad has always been there for me when i was sad, happy, or mad at my best friend. this poem really goes with my relationship with my father. this is one of the best poems i have read about father and daughter relationships.
  • stephanie (tweety)
    im really into your poem i understand your reltionship with u and your father yall both shared a special bond its dat me and my father dont your poem touched me
  • Spudzie
    your poem titles Dad was sent to a friend of mine the day her dad passed away "2-6-2005" and it ment alot to her jus to recieve this. She said its like you were talking bout her dad.
  • Steve
    Thank you for your thoughts and words in this poem. I am including a copy of this in my Dad's 79th birthday card in February. It touched my heart and reflected my spirit. Steve
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