I think many of us have had that horrible moment of sheer panic when the ringing of a telephone awakens us in the early morning hours from a deep sleep. This is the only time we truly wish for it to be a "wrong number". Unfortunately, this poem was inspired by an all-too-real, life-altering incident.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

The Phone Call
The call that comes in darkest sleep,
Awakens with a fright;
For 2 am, the silence breaks
The peaceful calm of night.

When only moments earlier,
I dreamt of visions fair;
Of light and love and happiness;
... Till ringing filled the air.

It beckoned me from deepest sleep,
And drew me from my daze;
I shook my head to clear my mind,
Find focus through this haze.

"How long has this been ringing?"
As I reach to find the light;
I steal a glance toward the clock,
And now my heart takes flight!

'Tis many hours before the dawn,
Yet all should be in bed;
My loved ones faces fill the night;
... My heart is filled with dread.

I struggle for composure as
I reach to grab the phone;
My stomach churns, my heart contracts;
"Are all my kids at home?"

I stumble as I grasp the handle,
Stifle silent screams;
"Oh God ... please let this phone call
Be a part of just a dream!"

My heart is racing, mind's a whirl,
Receiver's made of lead;
"Oh, how can this be happening!"
"Who's on the other end?!"

Just seconds pass and yet I find
It's been eternity;
I raise the phone to panicked ear;
"Oh please ... don't be for me!"

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • karen
    yes its frightening when you get a phone call early in the morning. great poem
  • Victoria
    I think that this poem comes from true experences. only then can the words reach awaiting ears and toch thets of those who need it most.
  • Roxanne
    It really was good. no it was GREAT. It made me think how my little brother is always out in the hours of the street.
  • Andrea
    This poem is so creepy, almost. It just keeps you on the edge of your seat. i loved it
  • Kelli
    I loved this poem because I got a call from my mother she was at the hospital, she just told me that my sister had passed away, this happened almost 16 years ago but I still miss her because she was my best friend and she was the the one theat took care of me when I was sick and when our mom was at work. Again I really loved this poem.
  • Sunnygirl
    I loved this poem. There was mixed emotions in this poem and i tought it was amazing. espacally the way you glided though to change the tone of the poem. Just reading this even I got worried about the phone call.
  • Clifton
    I liked that poem alot. I actually singed it just now. I love to sing and that was the perfect song for me!
  • Deb
    This poem is amazing. I have been in that situation, that that is exactly how I felt. You did an amazing job of expressing those thoughts that run thru your head when something like that happens.
  • molly
    i understand this peom. i too have experienced this sort of thing. its scary. great writing! im a poet and im only 12. 2 of my poems have been published in a school book. this poem inspires me to do what is best and thanx
  • Samantha
    i love it. it gave me a fright. made me wonder. gave me hope and some thought. Samantha
  • Leanna
    i liked the poem. i think we all have went though that scare atleast once in our lifes.
  • Danielle
    I can Relate to this poem im 16 and I had the most wonderful uncle in the world and We got the call at night telling me that he had passed away my heart still hurts because when i go to georgia I pass by his house and it just hurts. He was my favorite uncle but I know that he is in a better place but I still Miss him dearly! Thanks Danielle
  • Christina
    I liked this poem because I got a phone call telling me that my mom had past away. No one wants to get that phone call.
  • Diana
    it is very true n exprienced by me n is really very irritating i swear good keep it up!
  • Shannon
    That is terrorizing. I want to know what happens!
  • Choya
    This is really good, there for a second i thought it was going to turn out to a movie ive watched, when a stanger calls, so i was like, umm. but when it finished it was good, i was really surprised, you did a great job! I also write poem
  • Allyson
    This poem made a very big impact on me. I recieved a call telling me that my grandfather had died of a heart-attack and i had only seen him a few hours ealier happy and just reading about how sometimes things happen for an unknown reason and it hurts more than anything, not being able to know why they decided to left you at the time they did.
  • Abriel
    i really like da poem. i poetry and sometimes i sit there and wonder wat i dink when i write them.
  • Carina
    I think this poem is nice and sort of scary at the same time because when you're reading thisyou picture in your mind at one part it sounds calm then at the other part it just sounds so frightning. I like poems that have mixed emotions so i thought this was a great poem.
  • asminda
    it was very spirttall
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