It was July 1st, 1988. The middle of the night. With the clock's hands sweeping from one small moment in time to the next, my life was changed forever. A child was born. And now I was to be her rock, her haven, her calm amidst the storm we call life. I wasn't sure how to do this, but I felt something. Something deep inside that somehow I knew was there all along.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

The Family Castle
Our castle stands atop the hills
And offers strength of spirit
Place your hand little one unto mine
And I shall lead you to it.

The family castle is now your home
The stones grow ever stronger
For the castle's built on love and hope
Alone you are no longer.

Behind these walls that rise up high
Lies a garden lush and green
It's offerings bountiful as the sea
And beauty yet unseen.

Drink the waters that beckon you near
They'll fill your heart with hope
Feast on the knowledge offered here
For that will help you cope.

Our fires will fill your soul with warmth
To cast off the chill outside
Yet stay not here within these walls
They were not built to hide.

Swing wide the gates so you can see
The world lie at your feet
For without what hides beyond
The castle's incomplete.

Mount our stallion strong and true
For he shall be your guide
His legs have carried those of us
Who've ventured far outside.

Fear not what you do not yet know
Lead on and find your star
Fill your pack with experience
That you shall gain afar.

The good times will outnumber bad
Though sometimes you shall fall
It's at that time that you should seek
The strength of the castle wall.

For no matter the path you choose to take
No matter the strength of tides
You need only look inside your heart
For that's where the castle resides.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • genesis
  • Elaine
    I searched everywhere for a poem for my god daughter;s naming service and this was perfect for her and all our family thank you form Scotland
  • Jessica
    i love this poem, its very touching and very warm. the only reason why i went on this site was to look for a poem for my english assignment but i found a lot more, and i came across your poem and i love it! hope you keep up the great writing!
  • Arabelle
    It's adorable. I recently wrote an essay on families and how they are unique, and this helped me alot. It's beautiful!
  • Cynthia
    The Family Castle is a beautiful poem on family. It tells the readers that their family is a safe haven (castle). They can leave the "castle" without fear because the castle will be waiting for them when and if they return, successful or not.
  • sue
    I'm using this poem for a scrap boook for a senior graduating from high school-its perfect.
  • Nicole
    This is one of the best poems I have ever read. I love it! I especially love the description and extreme imagination, it's just awesome!
  • Alyssa
    I chose this poem to send to my nephew on the day of his naming ceremony. We live in Sydney and he lives in Seattle, so we sent along some thoughts to be read aloud on our behalf on his special day - this poem seemed like a beautiful metaphor for our family.
  • George
    I had an comparison to do between a poem and the theme "family" for school, I was looking all over trying to find the perfect poem, i wanted to finish this comparison as fast as possible. After i read your poem, i actualy enjoyed doing my work. Had i not fell on this poem, i would still be looking for a poem that would represent family the best. Thank you
  • jaclyn
    this poem is very sweet. I like how it shows the characterisics of how a family is.
  • Donna
    My 4 year old son just yesterday told me about his vision of his castle. He wanted everyone he loved to come live in his castle with his wife and 5 children. I read this poem to him and told him it reminded me of all the love he built into his castle. I am going to print it out an add it to his album--Thank you for putting his thoughts and mine into words.
  • Jen
    I read this poem over a year ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. It is so touching and beautfully written. Nancy, you should be very proud of your talent.
  • Jeane
    I Loved it- very deep and true.
  • Fedelia
    This is a beautiful piece that touched my heart and reminded me of home.
  • Kim
    A very encouraging poem, beautifully written, right from the heart. These are the very feelings I have and encouraging your child to spread his wings and yet remember that love and family are not the outer surroundings but the inner heart. You have captured the very essence of love between and mother and a child. Thank you!
  • April
    I balled my eyes out! Truly, one of the most breathtaking poems I have ever read. It is going in my children's scrapbooks.
  • Tami
    A very touching poem, It gave me goosebumps when I read it. Thanks!
  • Alice
    What a wonderful poem,What a wonderful tribute to give to a child
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