Although this is not my personal story, my life reflects this situation slightly. I've known women who've had to go through this and I admire them so much.

I was talking to a friend of mine who struggled to make it on her own with her babies and she did a remarkable job. Single parenthood is difficult, to say the least - for both women and men.

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Her Will
Lonely words on doorstep the day he walked away.
Left behind a shattered woman, two children out at play.
Which way to turn? She pondered as the night grew darker still.
A withy woman she was not, yet, had to find the will.

Sidewalk beneath her footsteps. each day a search for work.
Had to find a way to live - could not remain a clerk.
Cashed in the life insurance to attend the school at night.
Never would she give up - no, not without a fight.

Now, a nurse at thirty, she's made their house a home.
Proud of her accomplishments and doing it on her own.
Two children, steady, strong are they, she takes with her great joy.
The love and faith of three - the one did not destroy.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Jasmine
    I LUV that poem too because I AM A SINGLE MOM
  • April
    This is awsome! I'm a single mother and that is just what I needed to read.
  • nichole
    That poem is very true I am a mother of three and in the surgical tech program. My children have everything they want and need and I have done it on my own
    THIS IS SUCH A Beautiful poem it gives me strength when i think there is none left.
  • Fancy
    This poem is so touching,I can relate to this . I am a single mother of 2 and the same happen to me. But like you, I was strong and took care of my girls . And we are all doing wonderful . Thank you for this wonderful poem . This is what inspires others to not give up. God Bless
  • Erin
    It is like this woman had a magic mirror and watched the last 7 years of my life unfold. I could never have put into words how I felt or it was like to go through but this woman did just that. Great poem, and I love it.
  • Misty
    Great poem. Gave me hope for today. I too am a single mom.
  • Nakeisha
    That was how I felt.
  • amanda
    this poem is the truth. my family of 3 had to put up with the same. this poem is THE BEST and makes me think how lucky we are to have eachother.
  • amy
    This poem is. beautiful. My mom raised me as a single parent and I am so thankful and very grateful for everything that she has done for me. You are a wonderful Poet.
  • cathy
    excellent poem. it gives me hope
  • Yolanda
    Great job on this poem. It touched me because I too am a single parent. Life is what you make of it, and I, like you chose to live and make the best of the situation and be the best single mom that I could be. It's rewarding when I hear my girls tell me how much they love me an how much they appreciate all that I do for them. My oldest is now in college and recently wrote a very beautiful poem for me. So again Great job and stay strong. God Bless and Take care of yourself and your beautiful children.
  • chas
    wanted u to know u brought tears 2 my eyes iam single mom with 2 kids,i love so much they keep me going every day without them their wouldnt be life, i felt your poem and took it 2 heart. ,4 not being a single parent u do observe well!Great writing.
  • leslie
    i just wanted to say that this poem is so very true. I am a single mom and i really appreciate that fact that someone expressed it for me.
  • Jhonna
    Wow! You really know how to word things. My mother was in the same situation, myself being one of three kids, so I understand what she went through. Attending school to become a nurse (which she did accomplish) and no man by her side. I want to thankyou for this poem you've written. It's people like you who make woman like my mother strong. Best of Luck! ;*)
  • Debbie
    I came across your poem whilst searching for a poem to write to my soon 2 be sixteen year old son. Although i have a partner now we were alone for the first seven years, we have always been so close and i am so proud of him; we have helped each other become strong, but above all forgiving (not bitter). The one who can not forgive himself is the fater who walked away. I strongly identified with your poem and belive it would help others feel strong when left in this situation. Really uplifting to read thankyou Debbie.
  • Remesha
    This poem is wonderfully written. I can tell that it is deep and written from the heart. It is so real and many of women can relate to the problems of the woman in this poem. EXCELLENT 5 THUMBS UP
  • Shazeena
    I love this poem because it has relevance to my situation and it has given me strength to continue on life hard journey. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.
  • Nicole
    I love this poem! I sent it to my siter and my best friend. They are both new mothers in a similar situation. Your poem has helped me to express encouragement to both of them. And helped me to tell them how proud of them I am, to have such strong, beautiful women in my life. thank You keep writin! Nicole
  • nurul atikah
    I like its sound.
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