Seems senseless to have to post this in a category of Life . . . when, in fact, it is about the very cruel and savage taking of lives. We cannot afford this loss. Dedicated to the lost teens of the Littleton, Colorado, high school shooting rampage. May you rest with God.

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Columbine Crying
I heard the beat of angels' wings,
as if hurrying in their flight.
The soft, but steady, whirring
of angels in the night.

They circled 'round Columbine High
and waited for the nod.
They gathered the souls of students.
They were sent by God.

They quickly found the children,
took them gently by the hand,
they carried your child to God;
safe from this violent land.

God spread the gates
of Heaven wide.
He bade the angels
bring your child inside.

The trumpets of Gabrielle's angels
played a welcoming call.
The angels of Columbine High are gathered
now in Heaven's Hall.

Rest ye' now your weary hearts.
Let your teardrops fall.
God now holds your children safe
in Heaven's Hallowed Hall.

See a star.
Reach for the light.
Your children are glowing
in God's magic night.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • heartless
    It's specially touching when you think of the angels as the perpetrators
  • Jessica
    I think this poem fits well today. My friend at my high school just committed sucide and our whole school is depressed.
  • Kendra
    I loved the poem so much It is sooo true. thank you for writing such a beautiful poem
  • Amanda
    I loved this poem it was so sad but sweet
  • miranda
    this poem was very touching. it made me realise what i could lose if any of my friends passed
  • Nate
    Very good poem!
  • Cheyenne
    it was a really good poem and i just want to say i am sorry for what happened at columbine high school.
  • Brenda
    Wow that was a thoughtful piece and it blew my mind. i've tried to come up with a piece on the subject but none of them turned out to be like that!
  • Hollie Marie
    I really like this poem! I am reading "Rachels Tears", which is a book about Rachel Scott who died in the Columbine shooting. Her parents wrote the book and it is very interesting to learn how the parents are dealing with the pain.
  • Ashley
    I loved this poem and it is great that you would write a tribute for this. I live in colorado and i knew some of the students killed. My best friend Jessica was killed in this and it is not something your want to remember but it just sticks with u. u r an awesome poet keep up the good work and thank u. u have helped me cope with the situation finally.
  • Jamie
    It is soon going to be 5 years since the Columbine Massacre happened and it was something that affected me very much when the shootings occured. We have been talking about bullying in Drama Class recently and we were asked to have an example of bullying and I chose the Columbine Shootings. I was looking for a good poem to share with my class sort of as a prayer that will be said on April 20th. I hope you dont mind if i use it. I think its beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.
  • Joann
    I loved your poem. It really touched my heart!
  • Brandi
    VERY NICE! i read this and my jaq just dropped. keep writing!
  • Elise
    ThE pOeM wAs aLl TrUe
  • Elmer
    Your poem touched my heart, and was very well written.
  • lidia
    this poem touched me in every way because me going to high school i couln't even imagin what the students and parents were going though.i hope each day that the violence will go away in schools and the community.
  • mystic_mallory
    This is a very comforting tribute about the students lost at Columbine. I just hope, and pray that there is never a incident so terrible as that for you to have to write another tribute such as this.
  • Paula
    Wonderful and full of heart and compassion. I bet the parents of the columbine children would be at peace with this poem. Knowing their children are now safe. Great poem!
  • tamory
    very well done it touched my heart
  • fox
    wow! that was awesome and well i just cant tell ya how good it was
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