This is a poem about me and my children. I am young and have three and life is one big struggle so far. I am enjoying it, though! Even though I clean and clean I've finally learned just what it means! I hope you understand; this is the first poem I've submitted

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Messy Little Fingers
Everyday I wake up,
ready for the mess.
I look around
and think O' GREAT!!!!
they've already made a mess.

I wonder what they're thinking,
as they smear makeup on the wall.
Is it "Poor, poor, Mommy."
"This was cool after all"?

They touch and grab,
and mess and bother,
While I sit there saying "Please, just go find your father"
I wonder why they do it?
Day after day -Don't they know it's hard on me? I don't have time to play.
When I put them to sleep at night,
I breathe a sigh of relief.
At least right now I sit and enjoy the wonders of disbelief.
I look around at my house and think, "Didn't I just clean? Everyday I try and
try, but it's the same old thing.
I always stop and wonder
"Why, me Lord - O' why me?"
I've been blessed, yes I know -
But did you have to make it three?
I love my children dearly, as I'm getting out the rags.
I sweep and mop and clean all night,
praying tomorrow I won't be a hag.
I see those messy little fingers
on windows doors and walls -
Three little hand prints
reminding me how small.
Life isn't easy and kids are always testy, I clean up those messy little
fingers thanking God for little blessings.
The sun is rising, and we awake;
"Hurry, Mommy - Hurry, Mommy - It's time to get up and skate!
Please take us to the park and play with us outside.
We will be good, we promise, and fill your heart with pride."
My children, you are wonderful, and today I will take off - Not from a
corporate job - just from being a cleaning shop.
It took me three years to figure it out,
and now I share with you;
those messy little fingers
are the best things God's ever given to you.

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  • Amy
    I love this poem and it is so true. I also have 2 little messy hand prints all over everything also. But each and every night when I place them in bed and thank the good lord above for giving me those blessings. I just loved the poem it was wonderful.
  • shanley
    This poem was very touching ,being a stay at home mother of four . Our children are our daily job .
  • Cindy
    This is all so true. Very good poem. What a blessing children are !
  • Jessica
    i love that poem that poems reminds me of my mom. i havent seen her for 6 years i want her to see thins poem becasue she will feel the same way !
  • Melissa
    I related to this poem very well. I am a young Mother of 3 also. And I know every feelin' of how it is, but your words desribed it better than I could. Thank You!
  • Adrian
    I really enjoyed this poem. I have a baby on the way and this poems reall gives me something to look forward to.
  • Cindy
    this is a great poem. Hits the heart alot. I have 3 little grandbabies that live with me and this is so true.
  • becky
    This is my life totally! i have 3 littles one and get mad sometimes but this made me feel so much better. thank you!
  • Henrietta
    I believe that this poem is very cohesive, thematic, and its repetition contribute to the flavor of its meaning. I liked it especially for a friend who has inherited four blessings.
  • Karrie
    Out of all the poems I have read tonight this was the most realistic. I am 33, married with a 2yr old son and two lab puppies - I know about the mess - the stickiness - the chaos! You took the words right out of my mouth. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who feels every day is anything but simple. But what would we do without them. Gotta love em!
  • Elise
    Feelings of a mother put beautifully. a lesson to be learned.
  • Stacie
    This is the most touching poem I have ever read, It describes exactly how I feel each day with my two children, and how when you sit and think about it , what would you do with that time cleaning, if you didn't have your children. They are a blessing from above even if they cause you stress, I'de rather have a lot of stress in my life then to not have my children. This poem just reminds people no matter what they do and how you feel they are the greatest gifts in the world.
  • Amanda
    I have to say I deeply love this poem. In fact I've printed it out and put it in a frame so i can look at it everyday and remember why I do what I do. I also have 3 beautiful babies also. 1 boy(5) and 2 girls(4) and 5month old. Thank you Lorri for giving us a little apprecation.
  • elaine
    REmember, the fingerprints get higher and higher and then they disappear
  • Karen
    All this is so very true. I am 28 with 5 children;10,8,5,2,and 4 months and messy little fingers are all I see. The poem made me chuckle with belief.
  • maxine
  • patricia
    I have four children and I miss all those messy little handprints. Time goes by so fast. I miss all those little handprints.
  • lisa
    This is just what I needed,It was great it has been one of those messy finger days as a mother of 3 I say I love it. Thanks. My children really are a true blessing to me.
  • kelly
    this peom is so true,I know the feeling, Theres so much put into this peom. It's touch me deeply, I give it an AAAAAA+++++++
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