A poem telling my mom how much she means to me, how much I appreciate all she's done for me, how I feel about her, and that I should have told her sooner.

Mom writes poems, too, and taught me how writing helps you deal with things in life. Like a form of counseling. She wrote me a really special poem when I graduated from 8th grade, and it was that poem that made me really understand how much I mean to her and how well she really knows me.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

For My Mother, My Friend
I donít think I ever told you,
how much I appreciate the things you do.

You have been there when I cried,
and always known when Iíve lied.
You taught me how to read and sing,
and punished me when I did the wrong thing.

You were there to tell me goodnight,
and always knew how to make things all right.

I look up to you, Mom,
and I love you very much.
I donít know what it would be like
without your loving touch.

You will always come first in my heart,
no matter how far we are apart.

Mom, I have not told you,
I donít know where Iíve been.
Youíre not only just my mother,
youíre forever my best friend.

Happy Mothers Day

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  • teagan
    ths poem is beautiful, it reminded me soo much of me n my mum's relation ship thx
  • mandee
    this poem has truly touched my heart. My mom does not live with me and your poem is what ive been trying to put into words for the last 5 years. finally ive read the perfect poem. thankyou
  • Nurain
    its very nice and its very touching! i also learnt somthing. learnt a lesson about how greatful is my mummy! i love the poem and congrays to the author cos its such a nice poem
  • Jasmin
    Hey,readingthispoem mademe think of the wondeful things my mom did for me.
  • Dawn
  • chiquia_loca
    I really like this poem because it really touch my heart and when i was reading this poem i sayed to my mind, why i act so stupid whith my mom,i which i could do all things right but sometimes i can't i always try to do my best and then don't do notting but i really like this poem i love u mom "Emma Sanchez"
  • danielle
    i love this poem. very sweet.
  • chriselle
    it's really a nice poem thats why i send it to my mother. my very bestfriend. i love you mom.
  • jazza
    I love your poem it is very touching. that is how i feel about my mother she is more that a mother she is also my very best firend. MOTHERS ARE RARE GEME STONES, NO 2 ARE ALIKE.
  • Nicole
    your poem is one of the best that i have read i hope that you will keep rightin them if so will you seen them to me thank!
  • rakhi
    Its actually a very touching poem. The poet expressed all her love towards mother through this fantastic poem. THIS IS THE BEST GIFT THAT A DAUGHER CAN PRESENT TO HER MOTHER ON MOTHERS DAY
  • Jennifer
    I thought that it was touching, and so and my mom! She was crying!
  • teinika
    this is most heart touching thing ive heard all year because on mothers day i never said happy mothers day to her and i love her sooooooo much she has struggled and i just want her to know that
  • Melanie
    This poem makes me think about my mom and I. this poem is perfect when you are close to your mom. Thanks for writing such a perfect poem
  • Patti
    I loved this poem because my mother is not just my mother, she is my very best friend I have ever had. It wasn't always that way of course but as I grew older I realized how very smart and wonderful she is. She is the most loving and giving person I've ever known, although she doesn't think so. I know there is a place in heaven for her when that day comes to go home to daddy and the Lord.
  • Xandria
    I loved this poem. It actually shows how much you care about your mother and I like that.
  • Ashley
    I really liked this poem a lot. It has to do with me and my mother a lot. This poem touched my heart in a very special way. And yes God Bless all the mothers.
  • Evelyn
    it's was truly a very nice poem
  • Elizabeth
    I love this poem! It's exactly how I feel about my mom.
  • Beth
    I think that this poem was really good. I have read many poems today not just on this site, and all though this one didn't make me cry like the others, i still think it was brilliant.
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