I get inspired from nature, and from life, and this poem came to me one day while I was watching it rain, and listening to the radio. It is very true in our lives that we must choose for ourselves how to live, and which road to travel, and which song to sing, be it happy or sad.

I like to think I choose to sing a happy song, of life and laughter. But of course, sometimes life chooses for us also.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

Sometimes You Have To Choose A Song
Rain . . .

Softly falling down . . .
each drop a symphony of sound . . .
as it hits the tin roof . . .
tap . . . tap . . . tap.

It can sound just like a sad song with a slow beat . . .
the kind that makes you daydream . . .
and feel sad and sigh . . .
as you think of what might of been or could be in your life.

Or maybe it is a happy song that brings back sweet memories . . .
tender thoughts and special smiles . . .
thinking of someone who makes your heart beat faster . . .
and your laughter ring with happiness and joy.

Or maybe it is a love song . . .
with sweet and soft lyrics . . .
tender and romantic and sensual . . .
that makes you think of dancing in the rain.

Only you can decide which song . . .
is the one you are hearing . . .
which music soothes your soul . . .
and which song you want to sing along with.

Sometimes, you have to choose a song . . .
and the choosing isn't easy.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Gillian
    I am so tired of making decisions every day. I can SO identify with the poem!
  • Arpana
    I loved the poem. It sums up everything I think and want to say but never can. Brought a smile to my face. :)
  • malaya
    thats a really great poem
  • hasibe
    for hours I'm looking for a poem to share with my friends. At last I have found it. It's a nice poem. I think I have choosen a happy song.
  • smita
    A Beautiful peom. wow. never thought of looking at life that way
  • elena
    I love it,and it is exactly what i have experience in the pass. Good job Gail
  • Dolly
    Very well said! We DO have a choice in life as to being happy or sad - I choose happiness myself. keep up the good work!
  • mary
    the words are touching. It is emotive and very appealing to the reader. thanks!
  • Martine
    This poem touched me a lot and mean a lot. it was a very nie way to say what I was trying to write to someone. thanks
  • Willy
    I ALWAYS choose a song, only thing is I can't sing!
  • Tammy
    I like this peom very much keep the good work up gail your a good poet .
  • Carlene Marie
    It's so nice and worthwhile to read. It's so inspiring and impressive as well.
  • Gloria
    This was very inspirational! Lovely work. keep it up! Wonderful to read! Thanks!
  • kelli
    this is how more of us should look at things and life. we all have a choice in how we take on each day, each relationship,each situation that arises. with choosing to be positive or as she says, what song we choose, can definetly make a difference in how we feel or even on how others reactions are to us. great way to look at it. smiles are contagious too
  • Erica
    I think this is a very well you know I can't describe it but it's good
  • pamela
    I really like the poems, they are very inpirational to me. It seems as though it spoke to me.
  • Benjamin
    A pretty poem--and yes, so often we are the ones who have to choose whether we are going to be happy or sad. If only we would realize that in our day-by-day life!
  • Earthspirit
    The sweet song of truth! I believe that life is what we make of it. This is a beautiful example of the theory.
  • haritha
    A great,simple poem---highly reflective.Lovely work!
  • Mayette
    it reflects about my life!
  • aysha
    It's such a lovely poem.you've done a great job,Gail.Hope you continue to write poems like this one, which inspires people and kindles a new spirit of hope in them.All the best to you.
  • Robert
    I have to send this to a gril who has to make a chose and I like this very much, you must have had to do it some time in your life to. Thanks for the words
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