This poem is about a dog who would like more from his owners. It's like children going into a toy store getting the toy and one hour later they won't have anything to do with their new toy. But dogs, unlike toys, have feelings.

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Cruelty Of The Chained Dog
I wish that I was told what I've done wrong,
Why must I be chained up and left alone so very long?
They seemed so glad to have me when I was growing up.
There were so many things we'd do when I was just a pup.
The master sad he'd train me as a companion and a friend.
The mistress said she'd never fear to be alone again.
The children said they'd feed me and they did if I would only stay.
But now the master says "No Time."
The mistress says I shed.
She doesn't want me in the house not even to be fed.
The children said they'd walk me, now they say "Not Now."
I wish I could tell them how I really felt.

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  • Ali
    This poem really makes me cry. it hurts me to know that many animals live like this. And that almost every night an animal goes to bed hurting inside from hunger! ***Tears Fall***
  • Christian
    I can't belive people would treat animals like that
  • kristen
    this poeme is so sad but really good, and it proboly applys to most people with dogs.
  • michael
    your poem touched my heart very deeply it braught tears to my eyes it will touch so many other people
  • Jolene
    This poem put tears in my eyes. Because I have a family member who did the same thing, brought home the dog for company. a year went by, Raven was never walked, she was fed and had water. Raven went to another home, same thing happened. less then a week I heard that she was put down. I offered at times to keep her but she was always afraid around people, at the time I had 2 full size dobes. I cry when I hear of animals being mistreated. Our 3 minpins were all abused, not any more because they are with us.
  • lindsey
    this poem is very sad. animals do have feelings like us humans but people just dont realise that. i feel like just killing them people who dont treat animals nice. its really upsetin readin these poems but some of us want no no wot go on. :(
  • Ellen
    Wow, this poem really says something. I realize that people like to have pets, but if they are going to say they're going to take care of it, then do it! Don't just say not now or "Later". I love animals of all shapes and sizes and I am going to open up an animal shelter when I am old enough, along with my best friend. =) In the meantime, Im going to volunteer at the local animal shelter and improve the conditions of the animals there. wow, that was long and personal. Love your poems!
  • mike
    good poem! i love animals and hate it when bad stuff happens to them
  • Amy
    This poem made me feel sas but it makes you think about all the animals that are being neglected these days it is a sad poem but it is nice to read it.
  • Jennifer
    l love this poem, it is very ture. Some people don't realise aniamls have feeling's too! If you going to have a dog, make sure that you have a lifetime for them, and not just when you want too!
  • Jeff
    As the companion of four dogs. ,I really can appreciate this poem. This poem should be printed in giant letters and put in a beautiful frame and hung inside every pet store and animal shelter. just to let folks know of obligations that they will be committing themselves to.
  • Tasha
    This poem is all too true, it's sad but it happens. Don't get me wrong I wish it didn't happen but one person can't change the world without some help. Even people that I know just let their dogs go whereever they want and whenever they want just so they don't have to see them. They buy them when they are pups and when they grow up they lose interest. I personally think that if u are going to get an animal, you are being handed the responsibility to feed water bath and take care of them, no questions asked. Infact I just bought a dog today, no, he's not purebread but sometimes that is the problem they don't want them because they arn't worth anything to them, but I know for a fact that I will not let go of him until his dying day, and even then, there will always be those memories. Well to make a long story short I loved ur poem and it really touched me thank you. Age 16
  • frida
    a dog is a life long commitment. Why take a dog and leave him (her) on a chain?A dog , in my opinion, is a companion. Even if he ruins some of your material stuf, what does it matter?The love a dog gives you is more important than your furniture, your clothes and so on. My dog always sleeps inside the house. It is the seventh dog I do have in my life, I never kept my dogs outside, they are companions. I like the american websites about dog stories and poems, you do not find anything like that here in Belgium. God bless you.
  • Katie
    I loved your poem it was the only one I saw on this website that actually liked I'm using your poem as the poem I write about in my english class I read it to the whole class and every one came up to me and told me how it aws such a good, but sad poem. I love animals and I'm sure you do too! Thank you so much for writing it I've really enjoyed it!
  • Jay
    Brilliant and inspiring. All animals have the right to be treated with care whether they are young or old.
  • Robin
    The poem is very sad and true, I beleive people should not have an animal unless they are going to make it part of the family. animals have feelings too, and alot of people fail to realize that.
  • Diane
    If only people understood. Sad but beautiful poem.
  • Gina
    I really liked this poem, it was very sad but at the same time made you think about your actions in life!
  • Ashley
    Very touching. I have a dog named penny and my family and I could never picture her like that. It is truly sad that animals have to go through that. We should put ourselves in their shoes for a while. Would we like to be tied up and ignored?
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