I was sitting on the verandah, waiting for a friend. It was raining and I felt so happy. I couldn't understand why and then it came to me and I felt a burst of inspiration, grabbed paper and pen and started writing ...

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It is cold today
Indeed the rain is falling and I am alone.
Thoughts of life and love,
meaningless to anyone but myself.
I am alone.
They watch me, their eyes not knowing,
knowing nothing of what they see.
I am but another creature, alone.
They scurry on the surface, unaware,
unaware of the life below
when you are alone.

Loneliness, not a burden nor a sorrow,
but a time of solace, of deepness
never to be shared, never to be understood.
They can never reach the place where I am
And I know I will never reach the place where they are.
I know I don't want to reach that place.
True happiness is here, unmisted.
Unmisted by smiles or laughter,
unmisted by the joys of company.

To find true happiness,
to know if one is truly happy,
he must be happy alone.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • jaquetta
    i feel the same way i kno nobody dont like being alone but with tha rite person dough
  • codie
    I have to reseach lonelyness poems for a project and this is my favorite of all the other ones i found, it's like a good side to lonelyness that people never would think about.
  • chris
    out of all the poems i have read i enjoy Rebecca Drollingers Loneliness about the most so far. i would give it a 8 out of a scale from 1-10 thank you for posting these poems on the web for everyone to enjoy.
  • Justin
    I'll say the first thing that came to mind: Thank you.
  • alycia
    I think this poem was beautiful and deep. It truly touched me I was hypnotized by words. Great job.
  • Amanda
    I ran across this poem as I searched for articles on single parenting. I have been single for a few years and recently found out that I am pregnant. I have been really down and isolated lately. it's hard to put into words the feeling that this poem gave me. I have always known that one can be very happy when alone, but these words made me feel it.
  • Nijan
    you're such a fantastic poet. you're not alone i support your piece. simple & touching to everyone's heart.
  • Michelle
    This poem touched me at the precise moment that I was feeling the sting of loneliness. I am thankful that Rebecca chose to share her talent with the world. Nothing is moire reassuring when you find that there is atleast one soul that has experienced your pain. I love the way she ended the poem. letting us know that it's okay to be lonely.
  • boobie
    i love your poems i want to hear more great poems
  • Daren
    i am feeling so lonely, i feel like i have no one, when i am depressed i don;t look comfort in my family or friends, i sit and listen to songs, i don't why i feel the way i do. Maybe i want to feel lonely, maybe i'm lost, I can't sleep or stop thinking, i'm engulfed in loneliness. Sometimes i just want someone to reach out to me, and understand. A gentle coversation, to listen and not judge. i'm sorry to crying like a baby, this poem is very good, it makes me sad.
  • Martha
    Wow! How true this poem is. If we are not happy with ourselves, we can never be truly happy with anyone. I do believe being alone at times is very necessary. It gives us time to go deep into ourselves and get to know the real person we are. I also know the only REAL peace we can find in this world is with Jesus Christ.
  • Randi
    20 minutes before I read this poem, I said something to the same effect to one of my friends who was feeling down. After seeing this poem, I sent it to my friend so that she can read it to herself and start trying to find happiness in herself.
  • Rita
    It's good to know that someone else knows how "I" feel.
  • kristy
    i have been a single mother since i was pregnant and this poem has helped me understand things within myself. thank you!
  • Kyle
    WOW, I love it, this will never leave my side, after so many years of looking, thanks
  • Elizabeth
    I thought the poem was extremetly touching. It made me realize that it is indeed the truth to find happiness in yourself first. It just felt like the right words were in that poem at the right time, at my time of sadness. I really hope it can touch others in the same way.
  • Siarra
    This is an awsome poem.
  • DJ
    This poem is superb in moer than how u are thinking, not only does it show how people feel when they are in sorrow n depression when they are alone, but it also shows what there missin in being alone, i envy this poem wish i could write this good.
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