I wrote this for my mother to tell her how grateful I was for her standing by me in my toughest years. We never communicated well so this was the next best way of telling her I loved her.

I disappointed my mother a lot during my teenage years and for that I was sorry. Soon after giving her this poem, we both opened up and now we get on better that we ever have in years! !

Hopefully if one of you are looking for a way to open up to a friend or a family member, try writing it in a poem. It works wonders - trust me.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

Many Times In My Life
Many times in my life I have disappointed you,
and begun to stray.
But you have pointed me in the right direction,
and sent me on my way.

Many times in my life I've needed a helping hand,
and someone to pull me up.
It was you who gave that helping hand,
and always cheered me up.

Many times I've been sad and down,
and taken it out on you.
But you stood by me and comforted me,
In times that I was bad.

Many times I've needed support,
and to know someone was there.
It was you who held me up,
and showed me how to care.

Many times I've wanted to tell you this,
But never got a chance.
You have helped me out in life,
and got me where I am.

You were there for me through thick and thin,
You never gave up on me and you taught me how to care.
From the deepest of my heart I want to say I love you,
And to thank you for being there for me in times of good or bad.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Corrie
    This poem was sent to me by a really special, once in a life time, true friend, who, unconditionally, has done so much to guide me, support me, that it is I who should have discovered this poem and sent it to her. Thanks, the words really touched my heart, in more ways than one. Thank you for being my friend.
  • sharon
    Was looking for something like this to add to a collage that features a family portrait. this really moved me & I'm using the last verse for my project. I wish the poet stayed in touch w/ this site so that I could tell her myself
  • Venessa
    I Love it just lik mty life -peace out
  • megan
    this is all about me and my mom and this is really good
  • Jessica
    This poem was just what the doctor ordered I love it and so will my mom!
  • Gloria
    this poem is a really nice one
  • gillian
    This poem really touched me it made me realise how i have lost that love for caring so much for my eldest son,i do love him so dearly and this poem has made me a better person,in caring and loving him more.
    I love your peom! It rocks! Good job.
  • Mel
    although I can't relate to your poem I wish I could its a great poem I dont get along with my mother at all though and wish I could I know that that will never happen though because shes a drunk maybe jo ann the lady that voted to your poem could help her out LOL but good work
  • Tammy
    this was an awesome poem!
  • Joshua
    very good
  • Dawn
    Hello, Just wanted to say how much that poem really touched my heart. My Mother and I, has had a really tough life together. We fussed and fought and of course other typical teenage rebellion, and this poem really hit home with me. When I thought I was at my lowest moments with my mom, I read this poem and realize she has always been there when no one else has. Thank You for writing such a BEAUTIFUL! Poem that I am pretty sure has touched may hearts!
  • Natalee
    this poem many time in my life. Is a excellent poem that you can base your life on. Reading this poem enlight a different aspect in life. It can related to God, mother, boyfriend, your family are your friend. I give this poem 100%. Let vote for it.
  • marwa
    it touched my heart that I want to say to my best-friend how much i care about her but i never got the chance. GREAT POEM
  • Mom
    This Poem touched my heart dearly. It was everything that we've endured throughout the years, but through all that we went through I thank god you turned out to be one wonderful person. Love you!
  • jessikah
    This is such a a good poem, it's came from the heart,, ive tried writting poems about my father i lost. and i just cant well i loved reading this and im glad it changed ur life wid ur mother. jessikah
  • Katie
    I really liked this pome coz it remindes me of how much i love my mom amd how we all should treat our parents with respect and do what they say cuz in the future it will be worth it alot and we will always have a mom or dad to go to when we may need help! So do all of your parents a favor and be as nice and loveing to them as you can no matter how much they might piss us off when we cant go do something. So please do them a favor and treat them with alot of respect! Thanks Katie
  • Micaela
    this is the most prettest poem it truly touch my heart and my familys
  • Sabrina
    Your poem left tears streaming down my face. My grandma passed awy three years ago, and yesterday was the anniversary of her death. She was my kindred spirit. your poem says all I wish Icould tell her now. Thank you.
  • jo ann
    I am 38 years old and have been an alcoholic for 8 of these years. I am now in recovery free of alcohol although I will never be free of the disease. This poem touched me because my mother and father blamed themselves for my alcoholism I let them down so many times and broke their heart. I lost my mother last year from cancer so I wanted to let my dad know how much I love him for never giving up and for him to know he can depend on my from now on I am enclosing this poem along with my 30 day chip of sobriety in a letter to my father in Texas as I have recently moved to Arkansas. Thanks for putting into words what was right there in my heart, he will be pleased
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